Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Shaka and Jozy

Shaka sits down with Jozy and it might just be me, but the teenager seems more composed and articulate than the former goalkeeper.

Plus, Shaka, Thomas Rongen was Jozy's U20 coach and guided that team to victories over the likes of Brazil. Peter Nowak is the Olympic team coach and that team didn't win the qualifying tournament. Jozy of course knew this, but he was going out of his way to be helpful during the interview, and didn't correct Hislop.

Then again, Jozy, Peter Nowak may have been an attacking player during his career, but Bob Bradley was a forward during his playing days at Princeton as well. It was actually Thomas Rongen who had a career as a defender.

Anyway, I still think it's a nice interview, especially the end, where Shaka, a bit sheepishly, asks Jozy if he remembers the time Jozy scored on him.


Anonymous said...

Jozy, I going to ... ask you... a question... about your name... please spell... your name... for me...

Matt said...

I LOL'd at that first comment