Saturday, July 12, 2008

Original answers

Dave Lifton of Booked for Dissent picked up where we left off. He compiled a list of the last original member of each MLS club. We'd gotten about halfway through but Dave did well to pick up where we left off.

My brain was starting to hurt from having to think about that, so thanks Dave for saving me some brain cells.

Here's the list:

Chicago: CJ Brown
Chivas: Francisco Mendoza
Colorado: Marcelo Balboa
Columbus: Brian Maisonneuve
Dallas: Jason Kreis
DC: Marco Etcheverry
Kansas City: Matt McKeon
LA Galaxy: Cobi Jones
MetroStars: Tab Ramos
Miami: Pablo Mastroeni, Diego Serna
New England: Ted Chronopoulos
Real Salt Lake: Andy Williams, Nik Besagno
San Jose: Troy Dayak
Tampa: Steve Ralston

I'd like to think I would have gotten some more of them, like Balboa and Ramos at least, without having to consult my media guide, but this question was kinda hard. I knew the obvious ones (Chivas, Galaxy) because they were obvious, knew New England's because I talked to Ted Chronopoulos because I interviewed him right before the '01 Open Cup about not having won jack at the time and he'd been there from the start, knew Kreis because he's still around but that was about the extent of trivial knowledge that surfaced.


A.Ruiz said...

Isn't Gutierrez a Fire original as well?

L.B. said...

Yeah, but he spent time in KC in between which snapped the streak.

starinyourfire said...

didn't jason kreis get traded to real salt lake from dallas then became a coach?