Saturday, July 5, 2008

Miss Firecracker

It's practically a requirement that a U.S. team has to do well on the Fourth.
Carli Lloyd made sure the U.S. women represented on the nation's birthday.


Joseph D'Hippolito said...

God bless Carli Lloyd! Seriously. She was the only WNT player who stood up for Hope Solo when her "teammates" were shunning her for having the audacity to speak the truth. Check out this story from a recent Sports Illustrated:

Key excerpt:

...only midfielder Carli Lloyd broke ranks to sit next to her on the bench, visit her in her room and join her for meals. Before the meeting in St. Louis , Lloyd sat next to Solo and tapped her on the shoulder. Stay strong, Hope, she whispered. Lloyd was risking her own standing within the group, but, she says, "I just knew she was a great person and a phenomenal goalkeeper, and we need her on this team."

Those are the words of a truly moral, sensitive human being! Who needs the overrated Brianna Scurry, the princessy Kristine Lilly and the Siberian plow horse that is Abby Wambach? Bleep 'em all! Give me a team with 11 Carli Lloyds and 11 Hope Solos and I'll win everything in sight!

Coach said...

Who by chance wrote that report! Game Report shows Norway instead of Sweden & the team has a new player - Chalupy - as the Sierra Mist Player of the Game! lol

I'm sure they will fix it & it was a very good game!

Coach said...

Hear the new song?

The Horse is in Heaven, Let It Go, Let It Go, Let It Go.


Joseph D'Hippolito said...

The Horse is in Heaven, Let It Go, Let It Go, Let It Go.


Coach said...


Kidding Joseph - I was delighted to read that about Carli in SI a while back.

I remember Carli sitting on the bench beside Hope during the WC game against Brazil trying to help her with it all.

Some of the others could indeed learn a thing or two from Carli about basic compassion & understanding.

Congrats to Carli for her goal today - it sure "looked" great on Matchtracker - lol - and to the USWNT for the 2 wins this week.

Bring on those Olympics!


Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Thanks, coach! The situation w/the WNT gets me so burned up that I need a little laughter to keep things in perspective.

JordanCornblog said...

I think Carli is great - but the flaming of Lil et al really bothers me. We don't know the whole story - and perhaps never will. I think it's been despicable how Ryan has tried to shift blame away from himself, both during the debacle and straight through to the present. I give Hope more of a free ride based on her youth. But that said, I think her comments to the press are unfortunate and reflect, still, a lack of perspective and sense of real responsibility on her part.

Anonymous said...

They deserve any flaming they get. Other than Hope and Carli, the rest of that team can F off. I can't wait to watch them lose in the olympics. The us womens team are just so full of themselves that they need a few more ass beatings by brazil and germany to bring their bitchy heads in line.

Anonymous said...

The US women are full of themselves? Why? I guess it's because they want to win every time they step on the field.

That is really bizarre.

Coach said...

A really deep breath is still needed by some. lol All is good!

Sweden is ranked third in the world. A 1 nil victory is good. How many shutouts is that in 20 games? 13 I do believe. :)

All of course is not forgotten within the team. It won't be for some time as the wounds were rather deep. They are doing a superb job of putting it all in its own compartment & focusing on the task at hand. They should be commended for this & deserve support.

The rest of the team does not need "their bitchy heads brought in line". Nor are they "full of themselves". Well, maybe some of them can often come across as being a bit full of themselves. You must have that inner confidence to succeed as a world class athlete. Some perceive this outward confidence as being full of themselves & athletes accept this fact.

I will never understand the "team" reaction to Hope's 29 infamous seconds which she has made clear she wishes had come out differently & has appologized for more then once. This happens in front of cameras & in the heat of the moment. Some would argue, including myself, that she should have said nothing to the media as the world was saying it for her. Hope should now respond with "no comment" when a reporter brings it up at this late date & reply that all that matters now is the upcoming Olympics & how amazing this team is. Hope appears to still need to talk about it because it all hurt so incredibly much! It was much worse then any of us are aware, that I am sure.

I have concluded, right or wrong, that the "team" reaction was a female thing. This was debated at length back in the fall right here on A.C.'s blog. Not all on the team agreed with what was happening but they felt the need to fall in line & keep quiet. This is understandable. I coach U18 Girls & to watch the interaction between them is a training in Psychology, believe me.

Coach Ryan was ultimately responsible for it all & he paid for his actions with his job, as it should be.

Pia's doing a marvellous job. I can't wait for the Olympics & the Canada vs. U.S. Final. (well, I can hope!)

I'm taking my daughter to see the Canada vs. Brazil game this Thursday in Toronto. Some other members of our team are also going. Should be a great game or at the least a fun night!

I shall scout Brazil for the upcoming U.S. vs. Brazil games!

Stephen said...

Hurrah for Carli, the rest can go ----- themselves. It was pretty telling that essentially big soccer and most other sources of fan based writing on the fiasco were nearly unaninmous in their loathing of the behavior of the team, and the cowardice of Ryan in throwing Solo under the bus to save his own arse.

I think the best illustration of the public response was in the widespread hope among many diehards that the US would lose the third place game in spectacular fashion as a karmic punishment.

I hope Solo is cognizant of the fact that virtually the entire spectrum of sports fans, soccer fans included considered the behavior of the coach and team disgraceful, and an embarrassment to the nation. If ever women wanted to promote a negative stereotype of the catty, backstabbing, ostracism tactics often believed to be a problem w/in the gender at that teen-20+ age dynamic, this was a perfect illustration.

It really painted an awful picture of the team as people, and as women and was shameful. We're behind you Hope, as well as Carli. The rest can sod off. It's sad to think that I'd actually supported and DVR'd a few of Abby's games for the Freedom back in '04. Now I can't stand to even think of the woman.

Anonymous said...

Stephen I agree completely. I absolutely loathe Manbach now.

Seriously, I can't believe I supported the women's team. What a waste watching a bunch of sorority girls. That program just stinks from top to bottom (though Pia seems real cool and might change things), including a lot of the retired players like Foudy. Its a good thing that the world has caught up and surpassed them in athleticism and skill. They could use a good lesson in what it means to be professional athletes and the more they play real teams like Germany and Brazil, the more they will learn.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

I think (and frankly hope) that after the Olympics, you'll see a complete overhaul of the WNT before the next Women's World Cup cycle, especially if Sundhage stays as coach. Wambach will be 31 when the next WWC will take place. Whitehill will be 29. Scurry and Lilly are already ancient. A fair number of the players (including Carli Lloyd, unfortunately) will be at or pushing 30. Regardless of whether Sundhage stays after the Olympics, the head coach must get the new blood (Amy Rodriguez, Casey Nogueira, etc.) up to speed in the international game. That pretty much spells the end of Wambach on the international level, I hope.