Monday, July 14, 2008

Later, Brad Rankings (July 14)

Been good knowin' ya, Mr. Guzan. In his final effort for Chivas USA, he helped the club maintain a late draw with a stellar save on Thursday against the Galaxy.

The top two is composed of clubs in SuperLiga, although form and results in that tournament won't affect the rankings how I have them here. So New England will remain number one until they get back to league play at least, even if they lose their next two SuperLiga games badly... which they won't of course. Still, I reserve the right to comment on SuperLiga and other non-MLS tournaments.

1. New England (10-4-3). Not even Mexican's champs can slow these guys down.
2. DC United (7-7-1). Perhaps that surge of momentum didn't apply to SuperLiga.
3. Columbus (8-5-3). Yes, the Western Conference is weak; just don't tell that to the Crew.
4. Chicago (7-5-3). Thorrington sets Fire season back on track.
5. Toronto FC (6-6-3). At some point, they'll need to actually win a game in the United States... wait, they did that already... okay, win another game in the USA.
6. Real Salt Lake (6-6-5). First place! Sure, it's a bit misleading but... ahem... First place!
7. Chivas USA (6-6-3). Guzan bids fare-thee-well. Can Parker-Kennedy-Neivas man the fort?
8. LA Galaxy (6-6-3). Three goals in three games - is this offense showing vulnerability?
9. Houston (4-4-8). Eight ties shows this side lacks killer instinct, though Atlante would beg to differ.
10. Colorado (6-8-2). Casey muscles his way toward a Rapids point.
11. Kansas City (5-5-5). Finally, a two-goal effort.
12. FC Dallas (4-6-6). We'll learn a lot about this club pretty quickly: next two games at home versus Colorado, Galaxy.
13. New York (5-6-5). Juan Pablo Angel can't do it alone.
14. San Jose (3-9-4). This team's so infuriatingly frustrating, you'll want to kick your suit jacket.

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