Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Landon and the Olympics

There is no reporter who knows Landon Donovan better than Paul Oberjuerge. Paul, ex-sports editor and sports columnist of the San Bernardino Sun, covered Landon well before anyone else did, back when Landon was attending high school in Redlands. He did well to cover the local prodigy who went on to become the best American soccer player ever and continues to have a great relationship with Landon. Paul was there at the Olympics in 2000 when Landon was a part of the team and covered Landon at the 2002 World Cup as well as scores of others matches, both at the club and international levels.

So when Paul gives his opinion on whether or not Landon wants to go to the 2008 Olympics and what Landon's chances are going, it makes for worthwhile reading.


A.C. said...

Wow, it's pretty depressing to think a player's own desires have as little affect as Paul thinks. I don't have any evidence to the contrary, though.

Anonymous said...


Perhaps you should reread your own article from just last summer -

In addition, Bradley denied that players he would like to participate would be asked if they wanted to join the Copa America squad.

“No,” Bradley declared. “It’s the national team. We don’t ask for a show of hands of who wants to go. It’s an honor and we have a responsibility. We understand that in different situations, we have to consider different factors, but no, we’re not asking who wants to go.”

In fact, Bradley has already given Donovan his marching orders for the tournament.

“We spoke briefly,” Donovan explained. “He definitely wants me to go to both. He made that very clear.”


Not clear enough, perhaps?

A.C. said...

Except that Donovan didn't go to both tournaments that summer.
Also, I don't read anything on that site any more, ever.

Anonymous said...

"Except that Donovan didn't go to both tournaments that summer."

And Bob hasn't forgotten. Fortunately for Landon, he's not replaceable, at least not yet. But Bob and Peter are not asking for a show of hands of who wants to go to the Olympics.


"Also, I don't read anything on that site any more, ever."

I can understand that. The only time I ever went there was to read your articles. Thanks for the heads-up - I'll avoid it like the plague from now on.

starinyourfire said...

the senior national team should be fine against Guatemala in Guate since Guatemala hasn't beaten the US in 20 years!

that would be really cool if landon got on the Olympic team since it doesn't happen every year.

although i'm guessing that he'll either be with bob's side in Guate or with the Galaxy and the all star game.

AnonymousToo said...

Hey Mr. Anonymous, Other players have said they'd like to go as well - Boca, Tim Howard - when asked. I find it refreshing that players are expressing a desire to go and represent their country - in stark contrast to, let's say, basketball players who couldn't be bothered.

There is nothing wrong with a player, when asked, saying yeah, I'd like to go. They know that the ultimate decision, though, is not up to them. They're just expressing a willingness to go if called upon.

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