Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lalas backs Donovan

Of course, I couldn't pass on the chance to get a Galaxy reaction to this whole thing. In between tapings of our Alexi Lalas interviews, I went ahead and asked him about Landon Donovan and Preki, and as usual Alexi did not disappoint.

He said he was taken aback a bit that it was Preki who was complaining. He also stuck up for Landon, which you would expect. Listen to the clip here.

In the end, I think the whole thing adds another element to the rivalry and to tonight's match. While both Lalas and Chivas USA players and Preki said the entire back-and-forth is not anything that they are thinking about, it happened and there was fallout. And I was there to get their reactions and now you got to listen to them.


Anonymous said...

Andrea the

A.C. said...

Luis was the one pursuing the topic and asking Alexi and Preki these questions.

Remember folk, Luis posts in blue, I post in green. Our posts are also labeled as "posted by a.c. or l.b." respectively.

Nicole said...

Yeah, Luis is really working hard to stir up a little controversy here.

It's all fun, though.

Jason said...

Loved your Classico article in the PE today Luis. I had to laugh about Preki's comment at the end of the article concerning LD. Good stuff. Although its not like I need any more excuses to go to the game tonight.

Keep an eye out on ACB tonight. I hear tell of a banner dedicated to a certain princess on the Chivas.

All in good fun, keep up the good work you two.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Ladies and gentlemen, we have found the cause of global warming. It is based in Carson. It has red hair. It mis-manages the ostensible "jewel of MLS."

Bozo, just shut the bleep up and get some decent supporting players for Beckham and Donovan, OK? Nobody gives a bleeping damn anymore about what you think. You have less credibility than Hitler at a bar mitzvah....