Friday, July 11, 2008

Keeping Talley

Bobby Burling wasn't the only Chivas USA player who was new to the Clasico. Carey Talley joined Chivas shortly after the first game and though he was injured when he arrived, he's been a great pickup for the club.

He's filled in well at the right back spot and at this point figures to keep Lawson Vaughn on the bench whenever the Law returns healthy.

I chatted with Talley a bit after the game about Thursday's effort but also about Sunday's match with Pachuca.

When I walked toward Talley, who was talking to another reporter as I approached him, he had his son next to him. I didn't see it but apparently Talley had carried his son off the field with him after throwing his jersey into the crowd. I saw when Talley tossed the shirt. Talley has a large tattoo on his left arm, a cross with his kids' names on the top and bottom, in case you are wondering about my reference to it.