Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Grudge

Some have already mentioned "karma" in the situation of Abby Wambach's broken leg.
Even in a context where it should have no bearing, it's impossible to ignore the previous controversy of team members who were angry with Hope Solo's statements at the past World Cup.
Now, do I believe that Hope Solo had a little voodoo doll of these players that she stuck pins into?
No way.
There's a simple reason why, even if Solo was hurt at their reaction (and it's pretty clear some were hurt by her speaking out) that Solo wouldn't wish them any ill.
It's because they are good players and Solo, like all competitors, wants to win.
That's why I frankly don't understand the fans who have written me saying, "This team makes me so mad for how they treated Solo! I want to see them lose."
Solo is on the team - she'd lose along with them.
Putting the past behind and moving on means forgiveness or at least, a truce on all sides.
I don't think that there's some sort of cosmic plan in place for Kristine Lilly's pregnancy, Cat Whitehill's ACL tear, Leslie Osborne's ACL injury or Wambach's broken leg. Brianna Scurry didn't make the team this year not because of what happened with Solo, but because despite Scurry's considerable skills and experience, Nicole Barnhart has improved enough and deserves the chance.
For whatever the reasons, the U.S. team now has a new coach, and a much younger roster, with quite a few players who had nothing to do with the Solo situation and want nothing more than to win for themselves and their country.
One of them, of course, is Solo herself.
Frankly, she's going to have to be better than ever in goal with the attack missing a top player like Wambach. If ever she and the team needed fan support, it's now.


FC Uptown said...

"Some have already mentioned karma..." Who?

Ethan said...

AC: Hear hear.

FCU: "They" and "the Guy". At least that's what a little birdie told me.

Anonymous said...

What I am curious is to why no one has mentioned the reckless nature of the collision.

When you have 2 players on a full-speed collision course, one or both of them will inevitably get hurt. Simple laws of physics.

As a forward for my whole life, you learn early on when to back off...such as when keeps are charging full speed at you.

The Brazilian player did what defenders do, she took no prisoners on a clearance. Is she at fault? Maybe, probably, but as a forward I just expect to get blasted by defenders/goalies charging at me like stampeding bulls.

Wambach maybe let the heat of the game get to her. I applaud her guts but with the Olympics looming, you just don't wind up to kick like she did going full-speed with a defender going full speed right at you. I might have backed off. But injuries are 20/20 revisited things.

If you look at the replays she laid the brunt of the impact onto the Brazilian's shin. Ironically the only thing that saved the Brazilian's Olympics was the shinguards.

I hope her a full recovery. Would suck to end your career on something you could have prevented by just putting the brakes on.

FYI- If Wambach had ducked out of the challenge. Turnabout is fair play even if it was a friendly, you then would have permission to lay some wood on the defender the next appropriate time...friendly or not.


A.C. said...

FC, it was brought up in the comments of an
earlier post
about Wambach's injury.

Coach said...

Anon, read the comments in the previous posts - lol - the reckless nature of the collision has been mentioned a few times!

Coach said...

The USWNT will come together and play like you've never seen before!

They will miss Abby but trust me, like you did when I said all would be fine in the Hope Solo situation, lol, you are going to see an Olympic Games from the USWNT that most of you, including A.C., never thought possible!

Go USA & Canada!!!!

Coach said...

BTW, you can't ignore the possibility of "soccer gods" based on the facts, now can we?


A.C. said...

"Our destinies are decided by a cosmic roll of dice,
the winds of stars, the vagrant breezes of fortune
that blow from the windmills of the Gods."

Anonymous said...

If Hope saves the day and they win gold? ;)

We will just have to wait and see.

Coach said...


I like that quote that you dug up by Dr. H.L. Dietrich!

Jack Handey would like it too! (SNL Deep Thoughts for all you out of "the loop") :))

I have just recently come to believe in the possiblity of all this & related stuff - must be the affect the "Ghost Whisperer" is having on me! haha


The Soccer Gods be with you!

Coach said...


Good point! Should Hope save the day in a classic Final, the Soccer God theory would hold even more weight! ;)

Her Dad & best friend be with her - Angels in the Keeper Crease.

enganche said...

I don't like to see anyone get hurt playing this great game, it has happened enough to me and my teammates in the past but I recall Wambach laughing after she knocked out a Nigerian defender with a vicious elbow to her head in the 2003 Women's World Cup. I won't be shedding any tears that a player with Wambach's character will now miss the Olympics due to injury.

Anonymous said...




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