Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Getting in the spirit readings

Well, well, soccer beats football, it seems. In a "teaching virtues" competition, no less. Guess that's where Chase developed that?

I've been to many, many Argentine barbecues, so I know exactly what Lopez is missing. Kansas City style stuff - I've never had, though, so I couldn't tell Lopez what he's missing out on there.

Israel is apparently picking up tips from Mexico - in terms of bringing players of descent into their teams.

Other agents, though, are abusing players, their dreams of a career and their trust.

Finally, another ad partnership to MLS - though I shudder to think, what with their variation on orange juice, horchata-flavored Tang tastes like.

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Anonymous said...

Kansas City BBQ is a little heavier on the sauces compared to the Argentine version...I don't care for the sauces-so the simply prepared Argentine asado is more my cup of tea these days...

Sounds like ther is a good restaurant opportunity in KC for Lopez after his retirement!!!