Thursday, July 10, 2008

Galaxy/Chivas USA running blog

Brad Guzan takes shot practice in front of Galaxy fans before the SuperClasico starts.
How about them Wizards?
Anyway, the injury of Sean Franklin means the Galaxy have had to scramble to replace him. He's been their most consistent defender, rookie or no.

So who replaces him? Greg Vanney or Troy Roberts? The short answer is that both players are in the starting lineup.
Galaxy: Cronie, Kleiny, Troy, Vanney, Ante, Ely, Becks, Pete, Willie, Eddie, LD
Chivas USA: Guzano, Talley, Shavar, Jonny, 'Tiba, Sach, Jesse, Nags, Panchito, 'Te.
On the G's bench: Vito, Alvaro, Joey, Gordy, Ruiz, Tudela, Valentin
On the R&W bench: Dan Kennedy, Braun, Kraig, Curtin, Hamilton, Paladini, Suarez
Crowd is booing the entrance of Chivas USA players for warm-ups.
I checked, and Claudio Suarez is not injured. It was a coach's decision that the squad's regualr captain not start. Abel Xavier, however, is injured; his left knee is ailing.
The Legion are marching into their own section, but Chivas USA fans are scattered all around the stadium. As they announce the starting lineups, no name gets a bigger reaction than LD's. Loud boos from opposing fans, cheers from Galaxy fans - it creates a din. Becks gets mostly cheers and only a few boos.
Justin Guarini just sang the national anthem. He's supposedly a soccer fan. Speaking of American Idol, Simon Fuller is also here tonight.
Jesse Marsch and Becks do the coin toss, as captains. Becks just gave Vanney a good-luck fist bump. He'll need it.
1 - Chivas USA get a dangerous FK almost immediately. It's right on the edge of the box, very tasty for Razov, but he hits the wall.
2- The Galaxy can't clear, though, and Chivas USA get a deep throw.
3 - Cronie catches a cross. The Galaxy are still in their own half. Not anymore, but Mendoza goes down clutching his ankle. Ref waves play on and the Galaxy show no sympathy (karma from the SJ game) until Chivas USA puts the ball out.
5 - Mendoza is down for a bit, then limps to the sideline.
6 - Randolph can't get a cross or a corner out of a deep possession. Vagenas gets a yellow for a tackle on Mendoza. The FK into the box goes wide for a GK.
9 - There's no rhythm to the game yet. Nags and LD are battling off the ball - Nags bumps LD, who bumps right back and Nags goes down.
11 - the Galaxy with an odd passing sequence, but can't quite bring it to shot fruition. Becks is playing in the middle, in case I didn't mention that earlier.
13 - Buddle goes down, but the ref lets it go.
14 - Buddle into the box, passes to Ely, who shoots from outside, it's low and Brad catches easily.
15 - GOAL! Just as the Galaxy are getting a little joy getting forward, they give the ball away and Chivas reels off a great counter. Razov beats Ely to a pass, threads it through for a breaking Kljestan, who uses the speed of Mendoza to bring the ball up fast. Sach gets the ball back, centers it for Razov, who one times a bending ball into the upper V of the Galaxy goal. Nice. 1-0 Chivas USA.
19 - The Galaxy are still maintaining most of the possession, but it's of the haphazard variety. Any ball in the final third is as likely to go to the opposition as to a teammate.
20 - Chivas USA looking very dangerous on the counter. Razov backheels to Mendoza, whose low shot is caught by Cronin.
22 - Chivas USA is defending very physically, breaking fast on the counter, disrupting the Galaxy at every turn. The pace of the match is chaotically fast.
24 - Klein sends a through ball for Edson and Ely, but it's Ely who gets on to it, and Brad is able to get a hand on his shot - out for a corner.
25 - LD takes it, Chivas USA puts it out for another corner. Becks takes this one, Buddle heads toward goal, but Panchito is covering the post and clears the shot.
27 - Razov backheels again to Panchito, who tears in on goal instead of shooting this time, until Jazic brings him down at the top of the arc. FK - Chivas USA.
28 - Ante hits it pretty well, but Cronin reaches up for the catch.
29 - LD on the break, trying to get to a long pass. He can't quite make it, but the ball bounces out to Becks who gets tackled.
30 - FK - Becks hits the wall.
31 - Nervy play from Chivas USA there, but they eventually clear the ball.
32 - Chivas USA is on the attack as Jazic goes down. Razov's shot is wide.
33 - Jazic is injured badly. The replay shows him in instant pain as he goes down. He's stretchered off.
36 - Galaxy fans stand and applaud Jazic as he is moved off the field.
37 - Jesse breaks the Galaxy pressure perfectly with an outlet pass.
38 - Randolph has moved back to defense, and Franchino has come into the midfield.
39 - Frenetic, but not productive, play in the midfield by the Galaxy.
40 - That's a bit better from the G's. Becks breaks for a pass, gets a corner. He sends it in, but Roberts puts it wide.
42 - Panchito hits Klein as Klein steps to take a FK, and the Galaxy fans boo that the ref missed it.
44 - Randolph gets a cross off. Ball gets cleared for throw.
45 - Off the throw, ball falls to LD in the box - he winds up at an angle - OFF THE POST!
45+ The Galaxy can't advance the ball well against the stout defense of Chivas - so no real chances in extra time, which actually goes on for quite a while.
Chivas USA was deadly in the chance they got, so they'll happily concede possession to the Galaxy, as long as they can defend against the Galaxy's effort. I told everyone (in the Sideline Views TV preview) Razov always seems to score against the G's. The lead is slight, though, and the Galaxy have had chances. Still, Chivas looks as likely to pad their lead on a counter as the Galaxy do to equalize.
The G's and Chivas USA are equal on shots(6), saves(2), shots on goal (3), yellow cards (1 each)but Chivas USA is ahead where it counts, on the scoreboard.
46 - Right off the bat, Chivas USA stifle a Galaxy attack.
48 - Mendoza goes down on an attack. FK - Ante hits the wall, but Chivas USA recovers and Burling gets a shot off - very high. A miss-hit, really.
50 - Buddle leans away from his defender for a shot - wide.
51 - LD and Shavar are going at it, but it's all moot, LD was offside.
52 - Razov from distance - high.
53 - Pace has slowed down slightly, it's a bit more of a tactical game. Chivas USA taking their time with throws and kicks. FK for Chivas USA - Becks out on the break from the clear, goes tumbling, but no call.
55 - Buddle and Bornstein race for a ball - no way is Jonny going to get beaten. He puts the ball out for a safe throw.
57 - Randolph bobbles, loses ball, but is saved by an offside.
58 - Ruud goes aggressive - Ruiz comes in for Franchino.
59 - Braun comes in for Atiba.
60 - Becks takes a quick FK, get the ball to Klein, who fights for it, passes back, Becks' bending cross gets to Buddle, but too far out, right by the line - his header is wide.
62 - The Galaxy backline is passing the ball like they're the team with the lead. Chivas USA lets them.
65 - Chivas USA nearly make good on the counter, but the Galaxy go the other way. Chivas USA gets it back, nearly score on the counter again, but the cross is too high for Razov.
67 - Klein crosses into the box - Ruiz can't get there before Guzano.
71 - GOAL! Buddle! He breaks through in the box and gets a pass from Pete, fights for the ball and nutmegs Guzan. Pretty amazing. 1-1 Galaxy.
74 - Preki is tossed from the game. Galaxy fans wave him off.
75 - Dangerous FK for Chivas USA. Cronin acrobatically bats the ball to avoid conceding a corner.
77 - FFF's Steven Cohen is at this game, in the crowd. I thought he despised MLS.
78 - NO GOAL! Chivas USA's counter looked to lead to goal, Klejestan to Mendoza, but ball was over the line. Replays show it was a good call, but Kljestan is furious and gets a yellow for dissent.
79 - Galaxy nearly make good on a counter of their own. Vanney gets a yellow as the ball does back to Chivas USA.
82 - Nags with an outside shot. High. Nerves are on edge. Fans on the edge of their seat
84 - Pete gets a round of applause as Pires replaces him. Chivas USA takes out Braun and puts in Hamilton.
85 - Becks gets the ball to Ruiz, who goes down and - gets the call! FK for Becks in a tasty spot.
86 - Becks tries a chip, but Chivas USA clear and Mendoza tries to take it in. It's cleared back to Becks, who sends in a swerving cross that LD can't save from going out.
87 - Ruiz knocks down the ball for Becks to cross again - Guzano catches.
88 - Bornstein crosses as the G's defense backpedals. Kljestan in the box - OFF THE POST! Wow.
89 - Becks with another cross - Guzano catches.
90 - Panchito in the box, shot bounces off a defender and goes high. Cronin catches.
90 + Chivas USA are building an attack - the G's counter. LD with the ball, passes to Ruiz alone against Guzan. Guzan footsaves against Ruiz!
Great stuff. Galaxy take it quick - Chivas USA have it and counter. Galaxy get it back, Ruiz to Becks. Becks' cross gets blocked.
Final whistle. Everyone looks exhausted. Hey, my prediction came true, as Luis reminds me. I called a draw for this game. Plus I said Razov would score.


RHYbread said...

The starting defence makes me cry. July 15th (and some salary dumping) can't come fast enough

FC Uptown said...

Women's b-ball delaying stuff ridiculous....

RHYbread said...

What the hell is happening to the game clock?

Might as well mark that goal for goal of the week already....

FC Uptown said...

frantic pace here in the first 20 minutes

Anonymous said...

should try placing Ruiz up top and moving Landon back into the midfield to get some distribution and start the attacks

Rich21 said...

Beckham looked off tonight. Some strange decisions. Thought the defense was fairly solid. Vagenas played very well. Ruiz was active during the last 15-20 minutes. Gotta put those chances away, though.

They looked really disjointed with Beckham as the attacking mid. Once they went to a diamond 4-4-2 with Pete as the DM and LD as the attacking mid they looked quite a bit better.

Do they ever water the field these days? Looked awful.

Gene said...

Beckham did not have the sharpest of games, but I loved the effort and the intensity. A guy can have an off night, but that's how you help your team when your game has gone to the toilet.

Donovan had a very bad game for about 89 min, and then made one brilliant run, only to have Ruiz fuck it up. What happened to him, he looks really off form?!

For the Galaxy, the MOM awards had to be shared by Chris Klein, Vagenas, and Beckham. Also, an honorable mention to Buddle for a good finish on the tying goal.

I think Galaxy is lucky to walk away with the point tonight. Chivas looked a lot more coherent going forward for most of the game.

Rudy said...

Anyone catch Mendoza hit Beckham with a cheap shot to the face? Classy.

CACuzcatlan said...

Why did Preki get ejected? I couldn't really tell and there was no sound where I was watching it.

Chivas USA said...

Typical galaxy fans, crying over beckham. Chivas USA out played your team. Galaxy fans are such hypocrites. Rudy, you can't speak bitch.

nathanhj said...

Justin Guarini is indeed a soccer fan. He has Galaxy season tickets and sits in the row right in front of me.

Anonymous said...




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