Thursday, July 17, 2008

Edgar in two languages

Edgar Castillo was a popular player following Wednesday's match. Because he can speak English and is a key player for Santos Laguna, it was easier for the English reporters to deal with him. In general, it's easier to deal with anyone directly when you don't lose anything in translation.

But Edgar did field some questions in Spanish. Here's audio of both.

Edgar, of course, is from New Mexico and left to test his luck in Mexico. He was spurned by youth coaches here as he was deemed not good enough to progress further in ODP when he was part of the program. He turned down the chance to play for the US and accepted the Mexican national team's call up instead. But most of our regular readers probably already knew all that.

He did field some of those questions and in fact towards the end of one clip a colleague, Peter Brown of the awesome
Champions Soccer Radio Network, began to ask him about his background and such. I stopped recording at that point, well, at least on this file, because I wanted to keep some of the stuff separate. I may post that interview later but Peter will probably use that on his show at some point.

Anyway, here's his comments
in English and in Spanish. Edgar is a man of few words. He seems more comfortable answering questions in Spanish probably because that's what he's used to and he's probably picked up the same old recycled phrases you often hear from Mexican soccer players.


man-from-michigan said...

When asked about playing in Europe, I like how he said that he would also like to play in MLS! It is very good to hear young players in other leagues, especially FMF, mention that they would like to play here in MLS.


soyjimador said...

arjen robben.
who's that?


L.B. said...

Yeah that's a good one!

I messed up and posted Peters interview. Oh well. Its good stuff.

man-from-michigan said...

WHo is that???


PS. Just kidding