Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dynamo/RSL express running blog

Covering the half that matters!
I don't really mean that, but hey, no one scored in the half I didn't blog.

50th - Almost all RSL - makes sense, since they're on home turf (obligatory artificial surface gripe).
54 - Wingert outside low shot - Onstad has time to check his reflection in the shiny silver ball before catching it.
55 - Scott French told me that Houston would win the Western Conference this year. We even made a bet on it. I think I'm going to win.
56 - Morales has a mullet - it's not a good look for him.
57 - Duecher header from a corner! It's right at Onstad, who basically covers his face and blocks the ball.
58 - Onstad blocks another shot from Ian Joy - well hit, but from distance so he again had a bit of time.
59 - RSL with nearly constant pressure. Houston are planted in their box.
61 - The Dynamo look inept. They can't even get the ball out of their own half for any length of time.
62 - Morales on a running attack, going straight at Ianni, gets the foul and the FK in a good spot, beside the arc.
63 - Morales tries to Bend it Like you-know-who and it's high.
64 - Beltran in for Andy Williams.
66 - Chingy is down.
68 - Crowd was booing. RSL put the ball out for Chingy's injury and then didn't get it back from the Dynamo. It hardly matters, though, because RSL get the ball back soon anyway. Houston have hardly had possession.
70 - Boswell can't clear and then grabs Morales as Javier gets the ball past him. Yellow and FK.
71 - Duecher! How does he toe-poke a ball over the bar instead of into the goal? He's magical, but not in a good way right now.
72 - Ooh, a Dynamo attack - a rare and wonderful creature. Mullan put his cross way over Ching, though.
73 - Wade Barrett joins the Dynamo yellow-card club of Boswell and Ianni.
74 - Olave shoves Ching out and off the ball. Harkes sees it, but Olave was sly and shoved the front of Ching, where the ref couldn't see from behind the play.
76 - Brad Davis puts in a good ball, but Rimando has it.
77 - Clarke from distance trying to test Rimando again. Houston showing more composure right now.
78 - Cameron comes in for Holden.
79 - Beckerman puts in a great ball for Nunez, who came in for Duecher, but the ball runs ahead on the turf and Onstad has it before Nunex can shoot.
81 - Morales gets the ball away from Clarke, who fouls him from behind - and joins the Yellow Card club.
83 - Everything but the Goal - the sad little song of RSL right now. Very emo.
Houston have a FK. Joy goes out for Yura Movsysian. FK goes off the wall.
85 - Rimando! Save! Mullan shot off some nice attacking play by Houston, but too close to Nicky and his reflexes are up to snuff.
86 - Olave and Ianni clashed going for a header. Ianni, who was airborne, got way off balance and came down badly on his shoulder.
87 - Houston CK. Headed twice, DeRo sends it toward goal, Beltran clears with a push of his head.
88 - Davis FK goes to Chingy but he's covered well and can't get a lot on the header.
90 - Push comes to shove, comes to scrum, comes to lots of players shoving. As the players are seperated, Wingert is given a red card. Wingert was actually shoved by Houston's DeRo first, but he did shove Ashe down with a hand near the neck in the first place.
90+ Houston with a FK chance, no matter how much RSL protests it.
Ching gets to the ball, but he's moving in the wrong direction.
Final whistle RSL players protest like crazy, but I'm not sure why - did they really expect to win with one player less and Houston putting major pressure on them. Take the point and run, guys. Kreis is pissed, too. I guess they didn't add on time for the fight. Maybe because if they did, players would shove each other more often to add time? Oh, well.


Phillip said...

The referee was terrible.

USSF HAS to do something to get some more competent officials.


Anonymous said...

its simple you are at home, dont expect RSL to be like the Galaxy, they want to win every game.

Blaine said...

The 4th official put up 4 minutes of extra time. They announced it over the PA system. The ref had lost control of the game and decided he couldn't take it anymore and ended it at 2 mins of extra time. That is why Kries was off the wall. He wanted to know why 4 mins weren't played.