Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Charging the fjords

Someday I'll see a fjord in person. It's on The List, like the Great Pyramids are.
The U.S. women's soccer team not only probably saw a fjord or two, they also defeated Norway in that country for the first time - <quite handily, too. Pia knows her stuff and the possession soccer she's been preaching to her players has taken hold.


papa bear said...

Pia has been a God send. She is SOOO much more aware than Ryan was.
His BS long ball style was utter crap and was exposed in the WC last year.
I know everyone is on Brazil's jock, but the US had no business losing to a team they had beaten, what, 30 straight times before that? Marta is a fantastic player but after that no one else is much above average.
On that day Ryan's horrible tactics were exposed by a team that wanted it more.

Now if only Bradley would take note and stop his BS tactics with the Men's team...(I swear our U-17 team could beat the senior team. Cabrerra has them playing gorgeous ball)

Arelcao Akleos said...

It is not amazing what a difference a good manager can make. That it is so is proved every day in soccer, and Pia vs Ryan is a soon to be legendary example of that. What is amazing is that there are so many in the USSF in this country who deny this no matter what evidence is put before their eyes.
Which brings us to Bradley......

charlton heston said...

Does anybody know how Heather Mitts did?