Monday, July 7, 2008

Canales Corner #11

Yes, I took Friday off - it was a holiday! The Monday edition of Canales Corner is up now, though. Also, be forewarned - I ran over my five-minute guideline, but duty called elsewhere, so I couldn't record a shorter version.


A.C. said...

"top of the Western conference" = "top of their respective conferences"

Anonymous said...

perhaps this is a sign i read this blog too much...i had a dream that you graded my sat essay and i got a 2400 lol. i just thought id let you know.

A.C. said...

There's no such thing as reading this blog too much.
I think.
I mean, isn't a 2400 a good thing? ;)

Anonymous said...

Another nice post a.c. But can you or Luis shed any light on this?

Argentine defender Eduardo Dominguez, 29, from Huracan(Argentina First Division) and Osman Chavez, 23, defender from Honduras' Platense(Honduran First Division), also 5 caps for Honduras, to LAG.


Anonymous said...

lol very true.

ill get back to you after i take the sat in october. im at 2270 now..all due to reading sideline views haha

just another one of you said...

you're seriously hoping someone does a montage of all your black tops, aren't you?

john said...

I need three things:

1) More info about the best US players and a bit less about MLS.

2) sleeves

3) a non-black top or two. (sorry! i used to be senior editor at Glamour -- I notice these things!)

A.C. said...

1. I suppose I talk about MLS because sometimes it seems no one else does. Plus, the USMNT isn't in town right now, and two MLS teams are.
2. It's hot here in Cali.
3. Glamour? Doesn't everybody in the fashion industry wear black?
I do have a lot of black tops. I used to work backstage a lot in theater. It was a requirement to wear the color.
Actually, I wore black because I thought, hey, if I just wear black as a default, then no one will really notice what I wear and there won't be any, "Ugh, Lose that Look now", plus, I wouldn't have to worry about whether or not a certain bright color would show up weird on someone's screen or something. Instead, I guess the opposite has happened; wearing the same color has called attention to what I've got on, when what I really wanted was people to pay attention what I was saying.

john said...

1.1 Fair enough. But nobody, it seems, is doing any real reporting on Brian McBride, the plans for the overage players in the Olympics, what the eff Eddie Johnson is going to be doing this season, etc. I personally lust after that info, and I can't find it anywhere.

2.1 In NYC too, but my biceps are covered every day in midtown.

3.1 Surprisingly, no. Not black all the time. Between Labor Day and Memorial Day, sure. But in the summer all bets are off.