Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Always in mind

How does an article about an upcoming Canada/Brazil match end up being mostly about the USA? I think it's called a fixation.
Frankly, I also believe the consistency of the U.S. (and the national team budget that allows the squad to compete in all the major international tournaments) sets up a rather deceiving rank. On any given day, Brazil with all its stars is at least as strong a team as the U.S. Really. But without the money to travel and compete, Brazil slips down in the rankings.
Canada should be aware that there are other threats than the U.S. out there in soccer. I guess it's hard to ignore the #1 right next door, though.
Speaking of the U.S team.


Meredith said...

this is one of their players comments:

"Brazil's not as powerful a team, but they’re showy and quick."

O they are in for some trouble. Even without their starters Brazil is no cakewalk. And if anything Canada should be focusing on all the other teams its going to have to beat before even getting to the U.S. in beijing. Not to be cocky or anything but they would be lucky to even get to the point where they could play they U.S.

Anonymous said...

When it comes to women's soccer the US and Canada are regional rivals, though it seems the Canadians seem to view it more so as a rivalry than the US does. Plus Canada has had lots of trouble beating the US despite all it's growth and improvement as a national team. I believe it was two years ago, Canada had won every single game they played that year, save two, one goal losses against the US, one was a friendly and the other was the Women's Gold Cup final. So I think it has more to do with getting "a monkey of their back" type deal than anything else.

Coach said...

Thanks for the article links A.C., my daughter & I are quite excited about going to this game tomorrow night!

We've got ya scared, don't we! lol Last minute fluke goals, U 20's victory to Canada - Go Canada! :)


Believe me, Canada is very aware there is more then the U.S. to worry about. As Pia stated, there are 5 or 6 teams that can win Gold in Beijing!

Frankly, I don't think the article was mostly about the U.S. at all. It was a good discussion regarding 3teams that will be playing against each other several times over the next week. Also, it's the reporter asking the ?'s, the players are just trying to give an honest answer.

Um, I think Melissa paid a compliment to both the U.S. & Brazil with her comment. What she was saying is that Brazil won't overpower with brute strength like the U.S. can but they can get you with their speed & fancy footwork! Compliments to both teams I do believe. There will be no cakewalk against any team & Canada is very aware of this fact.

All the players are saying is that they can compete with most teams if they play with a level of consistency, like the U.S. does, again a compliment to the USWNT.

If Canada gets to the Final rounds, it won't be "luck"!

Cheers All - go North America!

Coach said...

Also, linked article is "pre-olympics".

Pre-Brazil game article just posted.

You'll be pleased to know it also dedicates a line or 2 to the U.S.!

Fixations, like old habits, die hard! lol


Meredith said...

I think brazil is one of the most physical teams out there. I worry everytime we play that someone will get hurt. "knock on wood" .

papa bear said...

I don't think the US/Brazil rankings are skewed at all. The US can more than hold it's own against Germany and Germany whooped Brazil once they came back down to earth. The madness must end.

Brazil had 1 game of their life in the World Cup. That was the exception rather than the norm and the US ladies probably played the worst game I've ever seen them play which again was the exception rather than the norm.

Brazil could maybe catch up someday but it'll be a while. The cultural concerns there will make it take a lot longer than it should.

Anonymous said...

Come on papa bear, one game of their life? They had a great tournament not just one great game. Brazil deserved to be in that final, and I do believe they've caught up.

Coach said...

Some of the Brazil players are physical bordering on dirty, I agree. Injury is a concern due to their tactics.

I still agree with Melissa (aka Tank) that they are not as "powerful" a team compared to the U.S. or Canada for that matter.

Brazil is a very, very good team but I'm leaning to the thoughts of Papa Bear on this one.

Can't wait till tonight. Should be a blast!

Coach said...

The following is a quote from a Toronto Sun pre-game article.

"When the Canadians take on Brazil in a friendly at BMO Field tonight it will be their first home game in almost two years."

Many here are upset with the USSF. Canada's version (CSA) is a total mess these days but the girls keep on plugging away & remain motivated.

This in itself speaks volumns for these women & earns them tremendous respect, from this fans perspective anyhow.

Coach said...

Well, it was an amazing experience last night & we'll take the 1-1 draw.

Brazil tied it in the 81st minute on a goal mouth scramble that should have been cleared but also should have been called off-side on the original cross. :(

Got some amazing pics & autographs from defender Emily Zurrer. The players spread out & stuck around for as long as was necessary to accomodate every one of the 13,500 fans that wanted pics & auographs. Good stuff!

Good luck next week USWNT!

Coach said...

Looks like 1 nil U.S.A. over Brazil - great stuff!