Thursday, August 16, 2007

Tabby wabby

I'll give the tabs a little credit. I checked a couple of them over in England to see if they even named another MLS player besides David Beckham in their articles about the match last night. The two I read both did, just once, mentioning Landon Donovan. DC fans will have to be content with photos for any mention of their own players.

Yet the notable line was from The Sun, which had this, "MLS fans had turned on Becks after he missed a series of games because of an ankle injury he picked up playing for England in June."

That's a far, far more valid interpretation of the boos Beckham had gotten at some away games, as opposed to earlier "Galaxy fans turn on Becks" captions with pictures clearly showing opposition fans.

Since I had a go at that before, I thought it only fair to note the improvement.

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