Monday, August 27, 2007

RSL Fill-in

I was covering Real Salt Lake for MLSnet last night.

In the postgame interview with Jason Kreis, I was the one who asked him, "Jason - you scored so well and so often - what did you do that your players aren't doing?"

His answer is in the article.

Robbie Findley also told me that he was taken by surprise when he was traded, but he's adjusted pretty well. He mentioned Nate Sturgis is his new roommate in Utah.

Mantilla, the new Argentine defender, told me that people might expect too much of MLS at once. "This league is about ten years old - the Argentine league is a hundred years old," he pointed out. "But all the ingredients are here to improve and become as big one day as any league anywhere."

I was interviewing him in Spanish, and at one point I asked how he was adjusting in Salt Lake. "It's going well," he answered. "It helps that I speak English." D'oh. He said he's fine doing interviews in Spanish, though. He ends up translating for his teammates sometimes.

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