Saturday, August 25, 2007

Pick a little


New England 2, New York 1

DC 1, Toronto 0
Chicago 3, Kansas City 1
Houston 2, Columbus 0
Colorado 2, Los Angeles 0
Chivas 2, Real Salt Lake 0


New England 1, New York 1
DC 2 Toronto 0
Chicago 1, Kansas City 2
Houston 1, Columbus 2
Colorado 1, Los Angeles 1
Chivas 0, Real Salt Lake 1

2 comments: said...

LB, once again youve given us LAG fans no hope. Youve been right on the money with them all season :(

Colorado 2, Los Angeles 0

glen vw said...

I'm not so sure on that score. My first thought is who's playing the back line? (This team is all about the defense breaking down, mental mistakes) If Xavier and Harden are in the game along with Donovan playing well getting some chances up to Pavon, Buddle or Gordon with Cobi in the match, I'm thinking LAG 2-1 (wishful thinking, I know). LAG really need a well rested Becks there, but he needs time to recover for the SuperLiga final.

There playoff hopes are gone for the most part so a win in the SuperLiga final would safe face a little.