Thursday, August 30, 2007

Yallop raw

Some great stuff from Galaxy coach Frank Yallop.

By the way, knackered means really, really tired.


Anonymous said...

Did Yallop really just say that they were "f*cking knackered?"

Craig said...

That's a great audio clip! This is why I love the blog sites, access to the behind-the-scenes. Up until now all the previous interviews with Yallop seemed dull and lacking emotion. He always went the company line and you really felt that he was just going through the motions.

This clip truly reveals his frustration from this season and especially tonight's tough loss, but more importantly his language choice really shows that he cares immensly about his team.

I really wish that the professional leagues in America would have a R-Rated sports show on cable showing things like this. The raw emotion would actually help sell the sport.

Anonymous said...

Best Press Conference Ever

Swearing Managers - finally they are allowed to speak freely and no twisted PR thing


ps: best blog ever !

Anonymous said...

they're spent???
Now they are playing with pressure every single game, which is what most decent decent teams do all the time. They just can't handle it. Their calendar is no more saturated than an verage team's calendar in Europe/South America.