Thursday, August 23, 2007

KK finds home

Kasey Keller has signed with American Central in England, aka, Fulham. Nice.

Anyway, the primary element of this post was supposed to be about the U.S. Soccer Global blog, which tracks American players around the world.

KK was listening to offers from Mexico, where Luis and I wanted him to go. Yet I'm glad he held out for something he really wanted and a return to England's top flight.


el chueco said...

why did you want him to go to Mexico?

A.C. said...

Because he speaks Spanish, would be on the same continent as his family roots, would face good competition and could help quite a few teams there.

L.B. said...

I just thought it would be unique to have a US national team veteran and an American to play in Mexico. There are some good goalkeepers in Mexico but I think Keller would have been a great fit on a few teams.