Friday, August 24, 2007

Full-strength win

When Chivas USA beat the Galaxy for the first time, way back in June of 2006, the Galaxy played the match without Landon Donovan and Chris Albright while Chivas had all their players available (except for Claudio Suarez).

I thought some of the response to that was pretty weak as if a Chivas win over the Galaxy was made less meaningful by the circumstances of the match. It's their rival, and a win over the rival - especially the first-ever victory - is most certainly meaningful, regardless of who plays or who doesn't. I mean, I didn't hear anyone dismissing the Galaxy's 3-0 win at the end of last year as a tainted win because Chivas played without Ante Razov, Paco Palencia and Juan Pablo Garcia.

Anyway, Sacha Kljestan also felt that last year's reaction was a bit weak.

"We beat them once before but that was without Landon (Donovan) and (Chris) Albright and then everybody says 'Oh, they beat them without Landon and Albright.' We beat them with their players tonight and we showed the league that we're a pretty good team.

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