Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bad, but not so bad

Just how bad is the Galaxy's season? We all know it's been a terrible campaign for the Galaxy, but it kind of struck me when I read the always-excellent statistical analysis from Climbing the Ladder.

The Galaxy is on pace to have the sixth-worst record in MLS history. Ouch. They have a minuscule 0.78 points per game. Shudder.

But the Galaxy's overall campaign has not gone as bad, if you mix in results from all campaigns. The Galaxy flamed out of the Open Cup to a third-tier side but overall went 2-1 in the tournament and qualifying. The Galaxy thus far has a 3-1 mark in SuperLiga. So while their league mark is 3-10-5, overall the Galaxy is 8-12-5 which is still a bad record but certainly not historically bad.

Anyway, check out the link above. It's got some really cool info about how some of the best teams in MLS history fared when all competitions were mixed into their records and conversely how some of the worst teams' marks changed as well.

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