Thursday, August 30, 2007

SuperLiga scene

I don't get to see Jeff Carlisle that often, so it's always fun to catch up. We joked about the best route to take when covering games between LA and San Jose. It's a haul, but it's exciting that there's going to be a reason to make the drive again.

Anyway, here's my sidebar on Becks - and here's Jeff's take.

By the way, when I say that David Beckham was emotional at the presser - I mean he was near tears. I was sitting in the front row and set to record on my little digital camera to provide a clip here, but I couldn't do it. I didn't have the heart. David looked down at the reporters and he seemed so upset and red-eyed. I felt like a vulture, so I put the camera away.


Matt L said...

When it is all said and done, Beck's is just another human being. He really has had the weight of the league upon him since his arrival.

I think athletes suffering from injuries are in particularly fragile emotional states. They are usually able to control their environments with force of will. However, the human body recovers at its own pace and pushing a recovery can often backfire.

Let's hope Beckham and MLS learn from this experience. However, I don't know when they would be able to apply the lessons. If not when Ronaldinho signs (likely never), then maybe in 10 years, when World Cup and Champions League-winning Altidore returns from Europe (I can dream can't I).


Gene said...

is there any validity to this rumor?

Matt L said...

Gene - the link doesn't work for me. To which rumor are you referring?

The Manly Ferry said...

Since no one else said it, I feel like I can: I completely applaud your restraint and respect for Beckham's situation. There are so many things out there the public wants to see that they don't really need to. A devastated Beckham is one of them.

Matt L said...

The Klinsi rumor? It is quite widespread. My gut tells me Klinsi is listening, but would want control on and off the pitch. I think they give it to him.

1. Will the $ be right for Jurgen?

2. If he comes, does he demand that the team get another DP spot? If so, will he spend on an international player or keep Landon? (Look for Sheva to LA rumor to start)

3. Would Landon play take non-DP money in order to stay in LA for his wife?

4. Is Landon worth DP money, and if so, would Chivas ever be interested him, allowing him to stay in LaLa land?

Matt L

Anonymous said...

Chivas would be stupid not take Donovan. They would have some leverage if Landon was determined to stay.