Friday, August 31, 2007

Tough luck

David Beckham's knee injury will likely force him to miss the rest of the regular season, which rules him out of away games against Chivas USA, Houston, Columbus, Kansas City and Real Salt Lake. The final game of the season, an Oct. 21 date at Chicago, is the only match that doesn't fall within the six-week time frame set for Beckham's recovery, but it seems doubtful that he would play in that game.

Jaime Cardenas and Grahame Jones of the LA Times explore some of the ramifications of the Galaxy's suddenly less-than-stellar road show.

Already, Galaxy games have lost a lot of their luster. My wife's boss, a proper Englishman from Bolton, told her on Thursday that he's going to try and get rid of his Galaxy-Dynamo tickets and I suspect he's nowhere near alone in that regard.


Gene said...

I feel sorry for Beckham - he seems like a good guy and a very decent player. I admire him for trying to play through injury, but he needs to rest, both for the team's sake and his own sake.

I think MLS and ESPN went overboard marketing this one guy. He is a good player, but no one good player makes a good team. And while soccer and U.S. might need a little more recognition, it does not need to be saved - it is doingn okay, slowly improving.

Finally, I am mystyfied by the mean-spirited assholes who commented on the LA Times article. Is it just the LA thing, or do we really have that many jerkoffs living among us?

diane said...

Drive across country and listen to any local sports radio call-in show and you will be disturbed by humanity in general. (Of course the political ones can be worse and are more dangerous if that's any comfort).

I agree with you about Beckham. He's a tremendous motivator, and a great mentor for younger players, which adds to his potential contribution. And probably adds to his frustration when he's can't practice or play with his team. But if you're injured your injured, no helping it.