Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ex-Chivas USA players

So I'm watching the Santos-Chivas match and realize that there are two former Chivas USA players in the game.

Except they're not playing for Chivas.

Jorge Barrera and Johnnie Garcia each started for Santos for the first time this season. Garcia had played all four of Santos' games as a substitute while Barrera twice came off the bench.

Garcia played twice for Chivas USA last season. Like Pirata Castro before him, I was excited to see Garcia play in MLS because though he wasn't a big name, he was a solid Mexican league veteran who I thought could have helped out in the midfield with his skills and experience.

I was somewhat high on Barrera as well. I felt that his versatility would have been an asset for Chivas USA given the summer absences due to national team duty and the inevitable injury bug. Barrera, though, never played for Chivas USA and was cut in the spring.

Garcia returned to Mexico in January with Chiapas and has now surfaced with Santos. Barrera, meanwhile, also continued his career with los Laguneros. Not so much with Garcia, but I felt that Barrera's form had slipped badly if he couldn't get in any games with Chivas USA. But starting for what is currently the best team in Mexico (the only 4-0 side in the league) would suggest otherwise.

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