Sunday, August 26, 2007


What's so hard about a statement that says, "X-rays were negative for any fracture"?

U.S. soccer has a whole article about Abby Wambach's foot injury, which is great, because we needed an update, yet it is strangely ambiguous. "No serious damage"? Why not get specific? Slight sprain, bruised big toe, something a bit detailed would be nice.

Perhaps it's a pre-World Cup ritual, though, to fudge on injuries. In 2002, there was a lot of contradictory or even complete disinformation about some of the from Bruce Arena. The team concealed Eddie Pope's knee injury completely, for example. In 2006, the extent of John O'Brien's injury and fitness was never revealed.

So for all I really know, Abby has turf toe, a bad hangnail, a cracked nail, or a brand-new pedicure.

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