Thursday, August 23, 2007

Beckham's starting

A few weeks back, Alexi Lalas reminded us all multiple times that David Beckham is not a robot and couldn't just play at a moment's notice.

They sure are treating him like one nowadays.

After having played 90 minutes on Wednesday in London, he's in the starting lineup against Chivas USA.


Gene said...

I feel really sorry for poor Beckham. He is stuck playing with a horrible squad. The Galaxy are just painful to watch, they just don't have the personnel outside of 3-4 players. Where did Lalas find these stiffs??

Matt L said...

Lalas is a clown. He sold all his talent for a bunch of junk.

Beckham has a huge heart. You can not question his commitment to the team. Save him for the SuperLiga final. It is all that the Galaxy have left.


Bonji said...

What a mistake. Yallop compounded the problem by keeping him in for the full 90. What the heck is going on out there in La La Land?