Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Spiraling downward

The SuperLiga has been part good, part needs-improvement thus far but the final might be a complete letdown as far as the tournament goes.

First, the stadium capacity is capped at 12,500 and although it has already sold out, the atmosphere will not be worthy of a tournament final no matter how raucous the crowd is.

Now, David Beckham is out of the tournament with a bum ankle.

So you've got a Pachuca squad who will is not likely to have forgotten their earlier 2-1 loss to the Galaxy who will feature three Mexican internationals who did not play in that earlier game against essentially the same Galaxy squad minus a few players (Kelly Gray, Ty Harden) who played in that match.

The Galaxy will have a chance only because they somehow seem to rise to the occasion in tournaments but logic suggests that Pachuca will win by quite a bit.


glen vw said...

Beckham out of the SuperLiga final, really looks like a good move to have had him run into the ground for that Chivas match (which by the way really meant nothing), along with Donovan in the 2nd half. This sure turned into a nightmare...........The only they could have salvaged for the season is the SuperLiga tourney. Hopefully Donovan and the rest can put up a good fight and just mentally be in it.

Anonymous said...

On the plus side. The Galaxy fans that are present can drink lots of beer to drown their sorrows and not have to worry about long lines in the bathrooms.

Lets hope this game doesn't turn into a blood bath and taint the whole Super Liga tournament that has been an all around positive event. You almost wonder if Yallop should play a defensive game and try to get it to a shootout or hope Landon can get into some space and score on a counter. Playing Pachuca straight up with this Galaxy team is a scary proposal.