Sunday, August 26, 2007

Last chance

The U17s have to win this one versus Belguim. The Galavision announcers are discussing how disappointing they've been in the tournament.

I'm picking things up in the 2nd half, by the way. Belgium are defending like crazy after going down a man to a red card midway through the first half.

Williams with a good try. Pigeon on the field.

50 - Williams is more active already in the game.

52- Belguim is organized, the announcers say, which is their polite way of saying they're boring. They also like that the U.S. putting Josh Lambo in goal - they were hard on MacMath last game especially. Nimo! Nimo! The guy is yelling, because Alex Nimo came close on his shot.

53 - The U.S. is playing well, but still without a goal to show for it and the longer Belguim can frustrate them, the more the Europeans will grow in confidence. The U.S. needs a goal, but Galavision guys are impressed at their improved form.

55 - Bates also got a lot of flack from the GG last match, but they just gave him props for a good defensive stop.

57 - Although they like Williams, there's a whole argument with the GG guys going on about why he's still on the field. One guy wants to take out Williams, since the US is now really only using three defenders, and put on a forward. Thing is, that's exactly what Williams once was, and a pretty good one, so I say leave him in there and just move him up, which is what has happened.

63 - Kirk Urso scores! Belguim goalkeeper gets a hand on it, but can't stop it.

68 - The announcers are gleeful that Belguim's timewasting didn't work out. They say the U.S. can salvage their tournament, starting with this game.

71 - Bates is really popular with the announcers now. He just scored off corner - likely sealing the win for the U.S.

77 - With the U.S. safely in, the announcers are bickering about the other possibilities to move on. It gets confusing. Suffice it to say the U.S. is moving on. The red card made a big difference, but Belguim didn't look great before that, either.

78 - Lambo saves the day when Belgium gets a shot on goal from a corner.

83 - Belguim's goalkeeper proves he can do the same, saving a U.S. shot.

89 - The announcers argue for Urso to become a starter now. They really like how he's come on and his energy and cool head under pressure and his lack of fear when it comes to taking shots.

90+ Corner kick for Belguim. Last hurrah.

It turns out that the U.S. will finish second in this group. Tunisia stomped everybody else in the group and they all took a game from each other in turn. U.S. goes on by goals in favor - they're tied with Tajikistan in goal differential.

GG pick Urso as MOTM.

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