Monday, August 27, 2007

Lunar Blackout rankings

1. DC United (12-6-3). Next up: FCD, Chivas exams.
2. New England (12-5-6). New York's carlos Mendes helped keep Revs in number two hole.
3. Chivas USA (11-6-3). Last three matches: wins by 2-0, 3-0, 1-0.
4. Houston (11-7-5). Dynamo hold two-point edge over Chivas, for now.
5. FC Dallas (11-7-3). Will fight with Dynamo for second place when all said and done.
6. Chicago (7-9-5). New campaign: Blanco for MVP!
7. New York (10-9-3). Defense is still a mess.
8. Kansas City (9-8-5). Didn't Eddie Johnson used to play for this team?
9. Colorado (7-9-6). Has Fernando done enough to quiet "Fire Clavijo" crowd?
10. Columbus (6-7-9). Club may have peaked already.
11. Toronto FC (5-12-5). Nobody said expansion would be easy...
12. Real Salt Lake (2-11-6)... just ask these guys.
13. Los Angeles (3-10-5). Pub-esque results of late.


Anonymous said...

Didn't Eddie Johnson also used to score goals for the national team?

Johnson is so frustrating.

He should study tape on Jozy Altidore, then he'd learn how to attack defenders and finish.

There must be a movement going to get Jozy placed on the national team squad.

Anonymous said...

my god do the galaxy SUCK.

glen vw said...

LAG, hopefully they can sort their problems out for next season........ and can at least put up a decent fight in the SuperLiga final....I feel bad for some of the team that are good players. So much hoopla!!

My Opinion Over Yours said...

Perhaps a little homecooking is skewing your rankings?

I'm pulling for Chivas as much as the next guy but isn't a bit premature to put them at the top of the West? The 3 wins you talk about came against the 3 worst teams in the league after a 3 week break, and 3, as you know, is the magic number.

I'll stop dubting if they win their next two games.

I think you are also discounting Dallas too much. They have one of the lowest goal differentials in the league and just added a proven goal scorer in Denilson. That should change once they get him in the fold and get Toja & Cooper healthy.

Beax Speax said...

13. San Jose
14. Galaxy

And I'm an LAG season ticket holder!