Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sorry, Denver

Galaxy coach Frank Yallop on Beckham's physical status after the game.

"He's going to be sore. I think his body is sore from what he's done the last 10 days."

And on Beckham's chances for playing on the weekend, at the Colorado Rapids?

"I can't see him playing on Sunday."


Coop said...

I can't see Yallop coaching on Sunday. Wouldn't shock me if he's fired Friday. One can hope, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Stupid Stupid Stupid. Why was beckham in at all.. Just stupid

Diane said...

Stupid and depressing. Even if you think the team might get an extra charge from Beckham starting after flying back for match, how can you possibly use up all of your subs while you have an injured and exhausted player on the pitch? I guess nothing's new back at the club.

As I just mentioned on another site, it doesn't seem like this club cares much about whether Beckham makes it past the next televised match. So I'll be happily surprised if they sit him on Sunday (do they let people play in casts in MLS? just asking...). And I don't buy the crap about him being "too big" to tell what to do. He's been coached, subbed, benched, and sent to rehab at every other club he's worked at for in the past 20 years, and he'd follow coach or doctor's orders at this one too -- happily or not.

DanR said...

I think Yallop bears some of the blame. But he cannot clone players and their team is pretty thin. Rather I am shocked at how incompetent (which plays even more shrill given his hubris) Alexi Lalas is as a general manager. Reminescent of Matt Millen at Detroit in the NFL. Former decent player but horrible manager. It will be interesting to see if Lalas wears a teflon suit similar to Millen.

Anonymous said...

Yallop is not the fall guy in my opinion. Too many in season moves is the problem. LALAS MUST GO!

Anonymous said...

Well that only leaves one option. Go to the game and hope the home team wins.