Thursday, August 30, 2007

Mail, LB style


Your (sic) as delusional as the Mexican coach after the U.S. beat you last time. Your hatred for U.S. soccer and unabashed popsicle sucking of Mexico should get you fired.

Dear reader:

Yes, it was painful for me to lose to the U.S. Unfortunately, I didn't have the pace to keep up with Landon Donovan, the strength to muscle out Brian Ching or the potent right foot to beat Tim Howard, so the match was really one-sided.

In all seriousness, I actually wrote a pair of columns praising the USMNT after US wins over Mexico. I know you must feel like I hate U.S. Soccer but really I don't. In reality, hating people or things takes too much energy, although I was hating the little mosquito that was buzzing around my ear this morning, the little bastard. Oh yeah, and I also hate cold coffee and warm beer. What a waste of otherwise good beverages. And I hate it when people cut me off on the freeway, punks.

Well, I guess I am filled with hatred, but it's not wasted on soccer. I actually get along well with several US internationals such as Landon Donovan and Jonathan Bornstein, so it would be really difficult to hate them and then fake it and be nice to them. Plus, I've introduced my daughters to them as well as other USMNT figures past, present and future such as Preki, Bob Bradley and Brad Guzan, and I don't mix family with business for just anyone.

But if you feel I hate US Soccer, I don't know what to tell you. My beat for is Mexico and I usually take an opinion on an issue surrounding Mexican soccer and write about it. If that comes across as hate to you, I can't control that.

Thanks for reading and responding.



briguy said...


Please consider making this display of epistolary ingenuity a regular feature on the blog--perhaps weekly or monthly.

That was quite possibly the most interesting and entertaining post that I've ever read on Sideline Views, for many, many reasons.


Anonymous said...

l.b. is paid to be the devil's's not personal, it's just business.

Anonymous said...

I for one am a little disappointed with this post. I think there were some legitimate criticisms of your Superliga column and your subsequent post on this blog backtracking a bit, and what it suggested about your views on US vs. Mexico soccer. Despite this, you chose to respond to only what had to be one of the most extreme and easily dismissable response you received. Pretty cheap and lazy argument tactic in my book.

Anonymous said...

Yeah but sometimes your on Mexico nuts more than you should.