Thursday, August 23, 2007

Denilson to Dallas

FC Dallas got their man. World Cup winner Denilson and FC Dallas agreed to terms today. Terms weren't announced but Denilson will occupy Dallas' designated player spot.

Denilson may not have lived up to the hype with Real Betis but he's got plenty left. He's 29 and very skillful. He's got enough left to help FC Dallas immediately and in the long term.

The bar, however, has been set high by three of the four other designated players as Juan Pablo Angel, David Beckham and Cuauhtemoc Blanco seemingly produce every single game.


Anonymous said...

Any word on the length of the contract? Given Denilson's history the past 2-3 years, Dallas fans should be wary of the product they're getting. He could be the first big DP flop.

Anonymous said...

isnt Schelotto a DP as well??

L.B. said...

Guille isn't a dp which is amazing considering his background and output.

Anonymous said...

"He could be the first big DP flop."

So what do you consider the Reyna DP signing?