Thursday, August 30, 2007

Getting to the presser

It's hard these days getting to Galaxy press conferences. Since the arrival of David Beckham, we've been told that we can't go to the press conference room the easiest way, through the Stadium Club to the elevator.

Instead, we leave the press box and walk the main concourse, fighting against the human tide of exiting fans to reach the elevator. The problem is, since Beckham arrived, the elevator can't take all the reporters present in one trip. There's no way they'll fit.

Even though is was actually a bit away from the press conference room, I used to take an interior stairwell to the lower level, is where the locker rooms are. I would just take a right to the presser event instead. But now, they've stationed a guard at the stairwell who won't let anyone non-staff in, press credential or no. There's no interior stairway to the presser events that the media can really use.

When Greg Daurio and I realized there was no way we'd fit in the elevator (which happens to also be unbelievably slow), we made our way down the only way we could, down the stairs in the stands. Our route took us near the Riot Squad section, where a full-scale fight was breaking out. I don't know who started it, or if they were provoked, but Pachuca fans began to chant, "Losers!" at the tussling combatants. Security looked pretty helpless.

Obviously, this slowed us down, but we eventually made it through. A whole group of reporters, though, got stuck at the stairs on the opposite part of the stadium. They get to the presser by crossing the field, which was closed off for the Pachuca trophy presentation. They finally were allowed to cross, but arrived late. Scott French was steamed that he'd missed Frank at the presser, but he recorded off my audio.

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Bob Ramsey said...


Your experience is beginning to match the fan's - lots of arbitrary directions and prohibitions for no apparent purpose.

Last night in the Riot Squad section, security was very focused on making sure nobody stood on the benches nor stood in the aisles. Yet when Pachuca fans (and I'm pretty sure most of them were not real Pachuca fans but random FMF/El Tri supporters) came down the aisles to taunt and then attack us, they were very late in responding.

Priorities, I guess.