Friday, August 31, 2007

Schedule snafu

Galaxy players talk about the toll on the team.


Matt L said...

Just shut up and play the games. MLS, AEG, and the Galaxy knew exacly what they were doing when they helped create this schedule. They took a risk and it backfired.

Had the team scrapped together a couple more points early in the season, Beckham come in healthy, and Landon made the PK, we would be talking about a "double" with the team peaking going into the playoffs.

The cherry on top is the exhibition game scheduled in Minn. Is that going to be canceled now?


Anonymous said...

Nobody will argue the schedule has been brutal. But this team has stunk from the very beginning of the season. They got 10 points out of 7 home matches before the All Star break, and a whopping TWO points out of four away matches.

This schedule isn't the reason the team stinks. It just took an already bad team and made them even worse.

Anonymous said...

no accountability from our players or management.

It's all AEG's fault.

Drives me crazy.

A.C. said...

It's likely that at least some of the exhibition games will be canceled. I think the contracts were written specifying Beckham's involvement. No Beckham, no go.

Anonymous said...

The thing with the schedule, though, is not just about the horrid back end of the schedule, but also the lack of games at the beginning of the season. It's very hard to get going and get a rhythm established when you're playing a game and then you're off for 2 weeks; play a game, off for 2 weeks.

It was just a completely stupid, unworkable schedule that no team in the history of MLS has had to deal with. But nothing associated with Beckham has been anything any MLS team has had to deal with, so they're learning on the fly and it's been a total disaster from the team's perspective.

East River said...

Hell common sense would tell you that playing 1 game ever 2 weeks was stupid. What's to learn about that? Apply common sense there is no need to learn how to deal with a star such as David Beckham. If they had not been so greedy (MLS/its teams and AEG/the Galaxy) and not tried to rely on Beckham's star power to attract fair weather fans a lot of this could have been avoided. Instead of complaining about the schedule now, they should have spoke up about it as soon as the league published it.

As Beckham stated to the media he is use to playing Sat Wednesday or weekend game then midweek game then weekend game. But MLS players are not use to that kind of rigous schedule. So may be its not that the schedule is so congested or over burden, its that the players are not use to the workload. I mean really MLS teams complain about a few Open Cup matches. Imagine the schedule for Pachuca or Chivas their playhing in Champions Cup, Sundamerica, Copa Liberatores(sp?) then Superliga! I have credit DC United for at least learning how to be competitive while playing in all these tournaments regardless of the limited resources. You could argue that these teams have the advantage of larger roster with no salary caps, but that only shows that MLS should raise the salary cap and expand its rosters so teams can handle more games.

Maybe the Galaxy should have brought in a fitness person from Europe or Latin America that could have prepared this team for this type of game schedule. But regardless their is no excuse for their inconstistent play they are poor in some games pretty good in others then bad in 1 half but great in another half. The schedule does not get them off the hook for that.