Thursday, August 23, 2007

Vicki loves America

Ugly Betty is getting Posh to join their show in a guest role. The show, Ugly Betty, is comparable to soccer in that it was successful in many places around the world, but a lot of people doubted that it could find an American audience. I wasn't sure its campy tone would work, myself, but it has become a hit, partly because of the appeal of its charming star, America Ferrera.

Apparently, even Vicki is a fan, which helped her land a role in the series. She's a bit over-the-top, Vicki, at least in her public persona of big sunglasses and rare smiles, but I'd guess a lot of that is an act. In which case, she should fit right in to the quasi-telenovela scene of the TV program.

They even have Becks already.

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