Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More Joe

This audio clip doesn't really have to do with the SuperLiga final, well, not much to do with anything at all I suppose, as far as the Galaxy's on-the-field performances goes, but Joe Cannon talked with a German TV crew for a few minutes yesterday.

The first response is to a question about how David Beckham has affected Joe's life.

I was standing behind the new rope the Galaxy has introduced to keep the players away from us (or is it the other way around?) when Joe Cannon was set to leave. He was one of the last Galaxy players still around. Several bolted right away; Cobi Jones and Peter Vagenas were with the first group who left sometime after Frank Yallop began talking to us. Landon Donovan split right in the middle of David Beckham's chat. The team PR people had gone around and asked us who we each needed to talk to and a lot of us asked for Landon but he tuned everyone out and walked off the field. Maybe he was in a hurry to get somewhere, maybe not.

Anyway, I asked to talk to Joe Cannon and the team helped out. Cannon walked over to us but by the time he got there some German TV crew had jumped in and started asking some random Beckham questions. I only recorded the first part of it, which is above. The rest was kind of the same type of stuff.

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