Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hardly recognizable

Luis left for Colorado before the Galaxy confirmed how bad some of their recent injuries were. Not only will David Beckham not make the trip, but neither will Landon Donovan or Abel Xavier, due to their injuries (calf strain and knee). Pretty much the team's best players, no?

Midfielder Kevin Harmse won't be in Colorado because he's serving a red card suspension for that not-so-sly and definitely not-so-clever uppercut he threw at Chivas USA's Alex Zotinca. The Galaxy only have 15 healthy field players available against Colorado, and one is the rookie who has never seen a minute of MLS game time, Josh Tudela.

Trainer Ivan Pierra
has been busy, busy, trying to patch up players. Before Donovan went into the match versus Chivas USA, they tried some cream or something on his leg to make that calf strain bearable. Ben-Gay? Icy Hot? Pierra also gave Beckham some kind of pill during the match. No-Doze? Anyway, old-fashioned rest turns out to be the new prescription.


Edward said...

Josh Tudela and Mike Caso in the starting lineup? Guess Yallop has nothing to lose...

Anonymous said...

they gav Beckham viagra to keep him upright