Friday, August 24, 2007

Chivas aftermath

After the match, the Chivas locker room was happy as you would expect after a victory. But they weren't exactly popping champagne corks. Earlier in the week, a few players had told me that they weren't making too much of the opponent and that it was just another game and I think that approach worked. They were able to put together another strong effort, much like they had in Toronto and New York.

There have been other games where Chivas has come in with better form and a better record but have fallen flat. This time, they came in with a far better record as the Galaxy was the team in desperation. But Chivas didn't so much think about the Galaxy as their rival before the game but just another Western Conference opponent and thus the scoreline reflected a strong team getting stronger against a flawed team struggling for points.

And really, after the initial buzz in the locker room, it was business as usual. Chivas has a match to prepare for on Sunday. They'll have to do so without two starters from Thursday as Alex Zotinca (red card) and Lawson Vaughn (yellow-card accumulation) are suspended.

So while Chivas players were happy about beating the Galaxy, they also didn't get overly-excited about it.

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