Thursday, August 16, 2007


After the SuperLiga game, I rode in the elevator down to the locker rooms with one of DC United's new owners, Will Chang, who had traveled to California to watch his team in the match.

"We had our chances," said Will to one of his companions. "We just didn't do enough with them, and we didn't have enough of them."

He shook his head sadly. I wanted to say to him, "Cheer up, you're far more likely to make the playoffs than the Galaxy."

I've never formally met the guy, though, and I've found that people are generally startled when someone they've never met starts engaging them in conversation in an elevator.

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Soledad said...

I'd have probably gone with something like a knowing nod and, "Yep. Can't expect to win that way. Plus, Beckham totally pwned you guys."