Friday, August 17, 2007

Story's up

I usually write my stuff on the Thursday before it's set to run and file it on Thursday night. I know it's been posted when I get the obligatory e-mail response.

Such was the case today. I was in the middle of something else when I got an e-mail and I figured it was from a reader. It was.

Apparently, he was upset about my assertion that the SuperLiga isn't at the same level as other international tournaments Mexican teams participate in.

As I was in the process of writing this, I got another response about another item I have in there. The hits just keep on comin'!


Jaime Cárdenas said...

You need to do something about your SI mug shot. You look nothing like that anymore.

And, you're right. SuperLiga is not a real tournament. Not until it's held in Mexico, at least. And that will happen ... right around when the world is ending.

Good stuff as always, Luis.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight...SuperLiga acquires prestige only when Pachuca wins it? That's a ridiculous argument. And why should MLS or SUM work hard to put the games on in Mexico if those clubs aren't interested in hosting them and/or there isn't much money in it? The Mexican teams are building their brand just like Chelsea and Celtic do when they come over - I don't feel bad for any of them making a buck off US soccer diehards.

Anonymous said...

Well I can see how you got yourself in trouble on this one Luis. 1) is very bold to say the US would not stand a chance in Azetca, more like it is very unlikely they will win as Mexican fans have someone head and skin for such a thing happening.

2) You are correct to say Superliga lacks what other international competitions have. We American soccer fans desperately want to have the respect of Mexican and Latin soccer people. Problem is the US and MLS wants to pick and choose what tournanments it will enter to gain that respect. You can't just create a tournanment then add and mix water and think it will gain respect. Respect takes time and sacrifice. Playing in Mexico will help in gaining that respect. But winning in a tournanemt not controlled by an MLS subsidiary will also help. DC United winning their upcoming home and home against Chivas in Sudamericana will go a long way in gaining that long desired respect. At least in that series neither DC or Chivas will not have the execuse of preseason rust. Only in that series will MLS and its fans have a true measuring stick of any gap between its teams and those of foreign leagues. I just wish it was Houston and not DC in Sudamericana.

tsingletonvt said...

No complaints about the article, but the following quote got me thinking:

"Trophies, though, should not be fought on the basis of money. Players, coaches and management should long for trophies for what they represent, even if there were no money involved."

The quote made me think about the CONCACAF Champions Cup and the US Open Cup. Being a Revs fan I have seen these two tournaments shown less respect than they deserve in the past. I wonder if money would make these competitions more relevant to my team and more relevant to all MLS teams? I wonder what makes these competitions less relevant to the Revs and MLS teams and what might make them more important?

Anonymous said...


People have said to me what’s in it for MLS clubs in USOC? Well you can ask that about them going to the Sudamericana or Garber begging for MLS clubs to gain entrance to South America's Liberation Cup. What can an MLS gain in South America? Respect! An with that comes being taken more seriously by Latin and Europe fans. That desire for respect is what is so puzzling about MLS clubs attitude USOC as they want respect, but want give it to something so old in their own country. Our country’s soccer community is looking to build a soccer tradition. It need not look no further then USOC and its 90 year history. Sport is played not for money, but to prove you are the best, Pachuca is a great example of a team trying to win whatever you put in front of it. Those guys are not trying to pick and choose what tournaments deserve their respect. By putting glory first they are getting all the money that comes with it. Superliga has no glory to get YET, but it will grow over time. But people have to understand, Superliga is something MLS created to attract Mexican Americans to get interested in MLS. It has been constructed to favor MLS teams and the money isn’t that enticing to Mexican clubs as they can make more money and gain more glory winning other trophies. Tournaments are only respected by teams when fans demand to win them. When Mexican league fans demand their teams win Superliga expect it to have their full attention. Superliga already has the respect of MLS fans as it has something to prove to Mexican teams, therefore the priority MLS teams put toward Superliga. You want the Revolution to take the Open Cup more seriously the fans must demand that the team win it and everything else.

As for the Champions Cup, I think MLS does take it seriously now, but only b/c it wants one of its teams at the World Club Cup in December. That’s MLS being shortsighted again, but its understandable. Oddly, Champions Cup is the reason you don’t really need Superliga. The problem with Champions Cup is the same problem with USOC. Its not controlled by MLS, therefore its not bringing much money for MLS, b/c of this lack of control small clubs from lesser countries get in the way Mexican/ US team match ups. Until MLS is willing to send its teams down to Mexico for the same trophy and really put itself on the line, will more Mexican clubs and fans take it more seriously. Only once since Champions Cup has switched to the home and home away format has an MLS team won a series in Mexico. Both Champions Cups won by MLS teams were won when the CCC was held completely with the US (please correct me if I’m wrong on that).

Maybe more interesting is that making Superliga really like the Champions League would kill the purpose of Superliga. Having a home game in Mexico or playing a final in a neutral country is just not going to happen as the MLS wants these gamesin the US so make money at its gates and to max out exposure in front of Latin fans. I think MLS has to take its business out of the equation and put sport first if teams are going to approach international tournaments differently.

Thats my thought on the matter, I'm not saying completely right its just what I think.