Friday, August 17, 2007

Lalas on Becks

Alexi Lalas spoke with a group of us scribes the day before the Galaxy-D.C. SuperLiga match. Here's audio of it, about seven minutes worth.

He hits on a lot of topics as always and really tries to absolve a lot of whatever blame there is to go around for the Beckham situation. At one point, he even points the finger at Beckham saying "ultimately it was the players' decision" to play against Chelsea, which Beckham admitted set him back at least a week.

Lalas then said: "He didn't do us and he didn't do himself any favors by playing that last game with Real Madrid."


Anonymous said...

Is there not anyone better than Lalas that can GM the Galaxy? The guy doesn't know when to shut up. I'm sure Becks thinks he's an idiot. Hopefully, Klinsi will fix this mess next year.

Anonymous said...

Sure Lalas can point the figure at Beckham but does he remember being on ESPN and saying something like "I have a feeling he is going to play Saturday night." It was clear at the All-star game that Beckham didn't want to play in the Chelsea game but was feeling some serious pressure from all sides. And what about Lalas and MLS decision to send Becks flying big swollen ankle and all to Colorado for a stupid appearance at that All-Star game? That guy is such an A$$.

diane said...

Lalas might single handledly put me off the MLS completely, and I'm one of the newcomers he's looking for, trying to give the league a chance. Beckham even looked a little pissed (you have to watch the eyebrow with a microscope to detect it) during the post match interview regarding the decision to play him.
That whole set-up has infuriated me for weeks. An ass is right, better if someone had the balls to keep Beckham on the ground, in the training room at Carson for rehab, like any player should have been. If Beckham was made to make the decisions himself, the Galaxy management is still responsible.
Someone starts a job, they want to do what's expected -- especially the big stuff. The player's decision? If you let a player dress they're going to say put me in even if they're dead.
Everyone seems to have taken leave of common sense as the next ten days look crazy to me. Beckham is famous for doing a lot on little rest so the travel isn't an issue in my mind (yet) -- but playing on an injury without resting it between matches is another story.
Hope for the best...

diane said...

Sorry--hadn't even read your last sentence yet. Is it possible Lalas missed the end of Madrid's season!? You WANT Beckham on your team because he played that match (recalling that his ligaments weren't torn yet, they were still "just" sprained, a big risk but less than Lalas has been taking on the torn ligaments these last couple of weeks!!!!!).
Can not believe any sportsfan, especially an ex-player, would expect Beckham to have been left out or stayed out of that last RM match, upon which the title hinged. It meant everything to him, as he said, but it also meant everything to his team -- and they'd been through hell together this season.

Anonymous said...

i used to like Lalas now i can't stnad him.

Gene said...

I am sure I am not saying anything that haven't been said before, but Lalas is full of shit. You can't fault Beckham for playing the Chelsea game because EVEN IF the decision up to him (which is a big IF), you know a player is going to say "put me in." This is particularly true when the media and the fans were, intentionally or otherwise, pressuring the guy to play. You'd think your team would provide you some cover in this situation instead of throwing you under the bus, so to speak?!

I also agree with the commenters below re: last RM game.

I think Lalas needs to go. Saying stupid things on TV / radio may be mildly entertaining, but you'd expect more from a GM.