Thursday, August 16, 2007

Playing Wednesday, Thursday

Landon Donovan will be in Goteberg, Sweden on Wednesday with the U.S. national team and will probably play a key role in the U.S.-Sweden match.

On Thursday, he'll be back at Home Depot Center for the match against Chivas USA.

He was asked if he'd participate in the latter. He gave a strange response. At first, he spoke candidly about it but seemed to correct himself in the last part of it.

"It would be impossible. It would be hard enough playing in L.A. on Wednesday and playing in L.A. on Thursday, much less traveling. Hopefully I can play some part in it and not get any nicks or anything and rest a little bit and hopefully I can help in some manner if needed."

Then, he was asked if he'd be flying back on the same flight as Chivas USA's Jonathan Bornstein.

"I would guess. I'll beat him up on the plane."

Still, it seems strange that both he and David Beckham would even consider playing on consecutive nights with one game in Europe, the other in Southern California and some 6,000 miles in between games.

My guess is that the Galaxy is having problems selling tickets for the game and want to give people hope that both Donovan and Beckham will play.


jamesey said...

It would be nice if MLS stopped having Thursday night matches in LA. It takes at least 75 minutes to drive 25 miles from Pasadena on a Thursday. If you're coming from the Valley, it could be even longer. If they insist on showing LA matches on Thursday, they should be away matches, or start at 8:00 PM.

A.C. said...

I don't think the Galaxy are having problems selling tickets for the game so much as the Galaxy are desperate to make the playoffs - thus the willingness to take such drastic measures.

I'd also guess that Donovan was saying that it would be impossible to play two total matches, so what he's hoping for is just fractions of time in each one.

A.C. said...

Technically, the Galaxy aren't the primary sellers of tickets for this match, either.

It's a Chivas USA home game.

Anonymous said...

Galaxy needs to extend their season ($$$$$) so making the playoffs is a must. I can see refs getting "biased" in their upcoming games.
Thursday games are stupid. Friday night games would be awesome.

Anonymous said...

No A.C. it's a Galaxy home game.

L.B. said...

Yes indeed, the match is a Galaxy home game. Chivas' home game against the Galaxy is on Sept. 13, also a Thursday, and also the day after an England game. i wonder if he'll be saying that he'll hurry home and play in that game.

Also, I looked for four tickets in the best available section for Thursday's game and ticketmaster came up with four in section 112 for $150 a pop.

A.C. said...

Eeek, I confused the two Chivas and Galaxy games. All these Thursday games will no doubt affect the Galaxy's attendance, though, but not as much as the SuperLiga games, because season ticket holders will at least contribute to the numbers for the Galaxy home game.

Anonymous said...

$150!!! um is it cheaper to wait until it's a chivas home game and a galaxy away game to purchase tickets to a superclasico?

L.B. said...

The priciest Chivas ticket is $75, so yes, if you can find them.

But I wouldn't expect Beckham to play on Sept. 13, just like I don't expect him to play on Aug. 23.

Anonymous said...

how about not having games during the same span as an international date. at some point mls must learn how this soccer world works.

Jaime Cárdenas said...

I need to step in and put an end tot he Galaxy love fest that exists here, just kidding about that, but Bornstein is also considering playing in that game.
He wants to play and he doesn't want to be ruled out, actually, but Preki is smarter that Frank Yallop (wow, did I just say that) in this case. Preki has ruled out Bornstein for the game. Preki could always change his mine and have him on the bench just in case, but I doubt he would play him.
I really doubt that Galaxy plays Beckham and Donovan certainly doesn't seem like he wants to play in that game.
So, it should be a Chivas USA rout, right?

Anonymous said...

The goats are starting to line up their ducks. I just hope they don't underestimate the LA Beckhams.

Anonymous said...

i'm actually happy that preki made it clear that he isn't going to play bornstein. jonny b. bleeds soccer, if he got the green light to play, he would play. I respect preki for putting the brakes on this kid. we need jonny b. 100%healthy and if he sits out after coming off a 30hour flight that's fine with me. i understand borney's passion, but i respect preki's awareness even more.

Anonymous said...

It's easier for Preki to make such a decision:

1. Chivas are not as desparate to win as the Galaxy are.

2. Bornstein is not as vital to their success as Donovan and Beckham are for the Galaxy.