Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Over the air

I was interviewed by Brad Feldman on his New England Revolution radio show.

I think we got a little sidetracked arguing about David Beckham. Brad is in the camp that such a big deal has been made about Beckham that he needs to show up to games, even if he's injured and can't play. Brad was citing the backlash in Dallas when David didn't fly out.

I disagreed. My argument was that turning David into more of a sideshow than he already has been would make MLS look ridiculous in a year when, with a number of worthwhile signings and competition across the board, the league has a chance to show itself as legitimate. Making a weird exception to ask an injured David to stand around so he can be gawked at is a mistake, in my view.

It's a moot point, though. Barring further injury (or England call-ups), David is going to be at all the rest of the Galaxy's games this season. His ankle has recovered enough for that, even if he sits out one more game.

Anyway, our differing takes on Beckham took up most of the time, so we didn't get much of a preview in for New England versus the Galaxy.

Suffice it to say that the Galaxy will be tired on Sunday. The travel grind will have an effect. If Beckham does play, he could provide a spark, but he's not match fit. The Revolution should be charged up, because they can't have liked how things went in their last league loss to DC. Plus, there's always that extra grudge against LA for denying them two MLS titles.

However, the Galaxy defense, after letting in an alarming five goals versus Dallas, has tightened up, denying Toronto even a single goal. I could see Pat Noonan finding a way through, though. The LA defense could focus on denying Taylor Twellman, while Pat just needs that extra step of space to create a dangerous chance.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you about Becks should stay home and heal. I was sad to see those pictures of him sitting on the picture in Toronto. He looked down and ESPN really made a sideshow of him during the entire match. Then that ESPN Soccernet photo of him standing with his head against the bench's ceiling looked like unabashed exploitation of the fellow. He as a person should not be dragged across to the country for photo ops under the "he's bonding with his teammates" junk being spit out.

A.C. said...

On the other hand, the entire Galaxy roster, including other injured players, such as Cobi Jones, made the trip. David is expected to play at some point in this leg. It's not his fault that such a spectacle is made of him sitting on the bench.

Brian said...

Feldman's an idiot.

The Manly Ferry said...

I think the whole thing has, or could have, deeper implications - by which I mean, I agree with "brian" and then some. I'd churned out a couple items on this one; read 'em if you're interested, but the second of the two (link under the word "items") is the more relevant to the potential damage of what Feldman is proposing.

A.C. said...

MF, I read your posts, and think you have some very valid points. Anon, some reporter asked Landon Donovan about whether it was nice getting to know Beckham at the barbecue the team held. Landon said it was fine, but that the team really needed to develop chemistry on the field with Beckham.