Thursday, August 2, 2007

Beckham will travel

He ran today - on a treadmill, but not in training. After the effort in the Dallas game, the entire team trained inside today - fitness and regeneration.

He will travel to Toronto, but whether he will play is a game-time decision. The likelihood is no, he will not play.

The ankle, according to Yallop, is better. It's just really been slow going.

Nobody talked to Beckham today. Apparently, he's not talking until he's playing.

Makes sense, kind of. But there were a lot of disappointed media people who weren't there for anyone else.

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el chueco said...

Is it true that the Galaxy will now travel on chartered flights? I thought league policy called for all teams to travel commercial?

If this is true, I wonder how it will sit with the other MLS teams.