Friday, August 1, 2008

More from Carlos Albert

Basically, Carlos doesn't think teams should play SuperLiga if they can't behave better. But he also blames the structure of the tournament.

By the way, don't knock me for not knowing all the panelists names - I don't watch the show that often, but feel free to inform me if you know who they are.

Carlos Albert: When is Atlante going to go back? What did the players have to lose? Probably never, so it didn’t matter to them, Vilar, Mustafa, and the rest, how they behaved or if they got carded. And the fields were bad. We’ve got to understand that the team directors went in search of a million dollars and came back without that and in many cases, without dignity. That can’t be permitted – against the U.S. teams, that we’re always the villains, because we can’t lose. We have to go to win, we have to learn to win, but we also have to learn to lose. We can’t be ridiculous and lose our dignity like so many on Atlante and a few on Pachuca the other day. What we saw in the SuperLiga wasn’t new or strange – we can’t cry about it. Coaches, administrators and players, they all have to learn to do their preseason differently, with dignity. It’s embarrassing, as a Mexican. It makes me mad.

Heriberto Murrieta: You really think Atlante has lost their dignity?
CA: Don’t tell me that Vilar hasn’t lost it.
HM: He lost his head.
CA: And his dignity.
HM: Well, his sporting dignity.
CA: Everything I’m saying is at the sporting level. When a player reacts the way he did to a loss, that’s a loss of dignity.
HM: But don’t you think such reactions are due to crappy refereeing?
Panelist #2: That’s not a decent excuse. Mexican teams know that the refs are terrible and they go there with that knowledge. These two teams, Pachuca and Atlante, come back with nothing. What if this had been a final?
Panelist #3 But bad refs can really change a game and upset players. It clearly happened in Pachuca’s game, and again with Atlante. Did you see the handball play near the end of the game? Would you consider that a penalty for Atlante?
CA: Yes.
P3: Then I’m telling you, the bad calls by the refs changed those games.


Anonymous said...

Is there any more to this segment? CA agreed the calls were bad, but the last two panelists seemed to imply that due to the bad calls and how it made them mad, that the Mexican teams were justified in their hostilites. CA's response? Probably along the line of his opening? May we please have more, mum?

gabriel said...

The panelist is Heriberto Murrieta. The panelist to the right of Carlos Albert is Hector Huerta. The one on the far right is new.

Anonymous said...

Same old MExicans, alwasy blaming the REFS"

Hey I agree that the refs were bad, I agree that the calls were legite


They just dont complain when there are bad calls they make up calls, everytime they lose and they keep there mouths shut when they win.


Anonymous said...

were there bad calls, sure. but what bothers me is the mexican teams act as if they are the only teams that get bad calls. how many times in the concacaf CC have US teams been robbed? yet do you see the MLS squads acting like that?

point i am making is this, until the concacaf gets serious about getting better refs, things like this will occur.

i just find it so hypocritical that the FMF squads act as if bad calls don't go against the MLS teams.


Matt said...

They blame the referees so much because their league is dominated by diving and bitching.

If they tripped on their own in Mexico it would probably be a foul.

So, now they come here and the players act like real men and they bitch more and more because in their league anything would be a foul.

tsingletonvt said...

Good and bad calls happen to every team in every, but teams only remember the bad calls. They especially remember the bad calls when they lose the game and a chance at $1,000,000.

For instance, nobody on Pachuca complained when the Revs had a goal called back due to a debateable offsides call early in their game.

Also, in the Atlante game the worst thing about the ref was that he put the players health at risk. Other than that the way he called the game did not have much impact. How much Atlante offense can you remember? How threatening were they? To the Revs goal, that is, not to Revs players.

Being at the game and not having the luxury of replay I can say that I remember the play when the Atlante players and reserves wanted the handball. From my angle I could not tell. However, I did see the Atlante subs run on the field and the Atlante keeper came all the way across the field to complain. Reis could have shot and scored if he did not wait for the keeper get back to his position. That said, why were the subs not carded in that situation? How about the keeper? What could the keeper have seen from 110 yards away?

Was the handball the same play where the Revs stopped playing because there was an Atlante player down and then Atlante attacked down the left side and took a shot?

Finally, the other thing that puzzled me about the ref was substitutes. Did anybody else notice that he let subs on the field from center field, but let the Atlante players being subbed off just step off and walk back to the bench at their leisure? Surely, this could be distracting to Revs players on the field since there are Atlante players just barely pff the field in uniform, without warm up pinnies on.

Hopefully this is the last SuperLiga regardless of whether or not the Revs win. It is not worth it.

What if the Revs play Atlante again in the champions league in a game that does not matter to one of the teams? Will it get ugly?

Jon E said...

Bueno, soy abogado, y para mí hay que destacar que cualquiera cosa que pase en el corte es la responsabilidad del juez. Así pues, si el juez comete un error, especialmente un error grave, yo le ataco al otro abogado. O a un testigo. O al taquígrafo. Atacarle a otro es la única opción lógica y digna.

(Okay, I'm not really a lawyer.)