Saturday, August 2, 2008

What you reading?

Round the web I go, where I stop, now you know.

The article's not much, but the attached video of a 14-year-old Chris Seitz? Priceless.

The OC Register profiles another Olympian, ARod.

Ridge smacks down SuperLiga.

Greg Ryan recalls Olympic glory.


Anonymous said...

Seitz hasn't really changed that much, voice a little deeper but he still had that lanky look.

ghostwriter said...

Ryan Ryan Ryan aaaarrrrgh!

The seeds of WC disaster in his own words: after tying the Matildas 1-1 he went to head coach April Heinrichs in a panic about how bad the team looked. She may not have done much right in her tenure, but she stayed the course there, believing in her team. Unfortunately when he panicked similarly at WC, there was no Heinrichs to tell him to calm down. And since Brianna Scurry saved their bacon in the Gold medal game, (while Brazil badly outplayed them - is that the game you saw?) that's where he went at WC when he let his panic dictate his decision, instead of loyalty to his players and team...

And then he "bitches" (I suppose it could be a joke?) that some horse got a medal in the equestrian event (perhaps he doesn't recognize that the horse IS the athlete there?) while he as a coach for the USWNT did not...

I'm sorry, I should be more positive, but I really do LOATHE that man.