Thursday, August 7, 2008

Chalups is ok

Grahame checks in on the little redheaded girl.

Turns out, Lori is alright after her injury.


ghostwriter said...

Good news.

Now knowing that, I can joke: Maybe if Hope keeps her eyes open when she goes to punch out a ball she'll KO fewer teammates. (See picture 8 of 10 in the 7-27-08 practice pics on the USSF site)

Congrats, Coach if you're reading, to your gals. Good luck v China. Win and you're in.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

ghostwriter, I second those thoughts. Go Canada! Go Christine Sinclair!

Anonymous said...

So in this scenario, Grahame is Charlie Brown?

Coach said...

lol anon - that's funny sh#t!

Did you hear Chalup's quote:

"If I wasn't punched in the head by my keeper, I could've stopped that ball from going in the net!"

LMAO - kidding!!

Hope = Rocky!

Seriously tho, I'm so glad to hear Lori is ok & I hope she's able to play tomorrow.

Things didn't quite go as planned Wed morning but, no need to panic, the first 3 minutes set the tone & it was more plain ole fashion opening game jitters and tough breaks than anything else. With a bit of luck & a couple breaks later on it very easily could have been 2-2 just like the opening WWC 07 game vs North Korea.

It just wasn't meant to be on this day. They resorted to long ball, much to Pia's displeasure, because they fell behind & felt the need for a quick strike.

Yes, of course, they miss Abby! I'm still pissed at her for her reckless play against Brazil! Don't care what Abby or anyone else says to defend her play in the opening 30 minutes of that game! ;)

Might now make for a tough quater final game though? Brazil or Germany maybe? Got to play them some time but after the quater final would be prefered!

Opening jitters now gone = good things to come! (crosses fingers)

I wasn't able to watch the game until later on CCTV-5 as NBC has blocked outside the US from viewing. WTF's up with that! I have now installed a piece of software to get around that little problem! ;)

Matchtracker wasn't even running up - frustrating as hell to hear what was going on but not be able to watch!

Thanks Ghost & Joe re Canada. I was up at 4:30 am to watch "my" girls play! I was quite proud of them, they played quite well after dealing with their "first ever" Olympic game jitters. Argentina played a determined game & hats off to them.

So, I'll be up at 4:30 am tomorrow morning to watch the US vs Japan game on-line, followed by the Canada vs China game on CBC T.V - bigger screen!

Keep the faith all - they will bounce back from a tough game! Norway in 2000 lost their first game & went on to win GOLD!

Go USA & Canada WNTs!

Coach said...

BTW Ghost, not sure about the win & you're in part re the Canada vs China game tomorrow - might end up with a 3 way tie for first if we beat China, than Sweden beats us Tuesday & both Sweden & China beat Argentina.

We only beat Argentina by 1 so that hurts us on goal differential. With a 3 way tie, we likely take 3rd?

A tie would have been prefered between China & Sweden from a Canuck perspective!

If there is a 3 way tie, all three might get in based on the two best third place finishes though?

Only time will tell!

ghostwriter said...

Two wins will do, Coach.

With Brazil/Germany and Japan/NZ tying, there's no way the third place squad out of either of their Groups can get 6 points. So no matter what else happens you've got to be at least one of the two number 3 squads to advance.

Hope that Tank can play, but if not, looks like this Robinson gal is an exciting player to bring on in her spot. Go get 'em.

Coach said...

I do believe you are absolutely correct Ghost, I didn't take my quick analysis to that level!

It would be nice to grab the second W tomorrow against China but it will be a tough game with a packed house cheering for China, as Sweden quickly discovered, but I think we can do it.

Don't want to wait until Tuesday against Sweden. That scenario would be similiar to WC 07 when we failed to move on due to a late goal against in our last Group game. :(


US 2 nil vs Japan
Yes, Hope & the Dee will rebound with a clean sheet!

Canada 2-1 vs China! :)


ghostwriter said...

Papabear said in one of his posts that AC had you guys underrated. I think the team is poised to prove him right. (I suspect AC wouldn't be all that distressed on that account.)

As for USWNT, they need a break: a good bounce, a shirt tug in the offensive box that gets called, a wiff from the Nadeshiko keeper, a deflection, a stand-on-her-head save from Hope, anything... something to get them going.

I'd like to see Lauren Cheney get into this contest. She's got some size at 5'10" (an Abby-like target in the box) and puts the biscuit in the basket (as they say around the ol' frozen pond) pretty well, with 19 goals (8 game winners) and 39 points (tops in the Pac 10) for the Bruins as a Frosh; and she's actually got a good bit of international experience.

You don't want to wait for Tuesday v. Sweden, but you can if you need to. For the US, there's pretty much no tomorrow.

Coach said...

Yes, I do indeed recall the vote of confidence from Papabear & a certain (cough) lack of respect from A.C.! lol

Kidding, there is a ton of soccer to go & both teams have their work cut out for them!

Glass half full - always - just like Pia! :) We shall survive & move on after Tuesday to fight another day! BOTH teams!

I have COMPLETE confidence!