Friday, August 8, 2008

Catrachos ready

Honduras released its list of players it will use against Mexico on Aug. 20 in a World Cup qualifier.

The list includes a pair of MLS players in Amado Guevara and Ivan Guerrero.

Honduras and Mexico played a memorable game in Azteca, of course. Back in November 2001 Honduras needed a win to get into the 2002 World Cup and knock Mexico out in the process but that didn't happen as Mexico won 3-0 behind goals from Francisco Palencia and Cuauhtemoc Blanco.

This will be just as difficult for Honduras. Not only is the game in Azteca but Mexico will play for the first time under Sven Goran Eriksson, who will likely have his squad fired up for the game.

For Honduras and the other two teams in the group - Jamaica and Canada - the key will be to win at home. They'll need to win at home and hope for a draw or two on the road. If any of the three can get a result in Mexico - even just a draw would be monumental - that team will have a great chance of getting through to the semifinal round.

I cut and pasted this list from and they organized it by players based outside of Honduras and their domestic contingent so that's how I'm pasting it here. Sorry for the confusion.

David Suazo (Inter), Julio César León (Parma), Edgar Alvarez (Roma), Carlos Costly (Belchatow, Polonia), Amado Guevara (Toronto), Wilson Palacios, Maynor Figueroa (Wigan), Iván Guerrero (DC United).

Noel Valladares (Olimpia), Víctor Coello (Marathon), Víctor Bernárdez (Motagua), Miguel Castillo (Motagua), Milton Núñez (Marathon), Danilo Turcios (Olimpia), Sergio Mendoza (Olimpia), Emilio Izaguirre (Motagua), Óscar Bonie García (Olimpia), John Aston Boden (Victoria), Saúl Martínez (Marathon) y Osman Chávez (Motagua).


Anonymous said...

how i want honduras to pull of the upset... they are facing a mexican squad that will not have played a single game together, a debuting coach... the table is set for honduras to slap arrogance right in the face.

saludos, d

CACuzcatlan said...

No Castro this time. Are there any other Hondurans that play in MLS?

starinyourfire said...

luciano emilio is eligible to play for the Hondurian national team.

Albert said...

Mexico is going to smoke Honduras come the 20TH. Man per man , Honduras dosent stack up against Mexico.Suazo is not that great , and thats all Honduras has.He's not even a full fleged starter at Inter.

All of Mexico's core players are standout players in their eurpean clubs, while the Hondureans are role players at best, some dont even start.

The biggest factor that will help Mexico win is that that moron Hugo Sanchez wont be on the bench.

starinyourfire said...

it should be a good game, although i don't expect mexico to be firing on all cylinders and walk over honduras, if they come out really strong then it just shows that Sven is doing something right with the talent that he has available to him.

with that said, Lets Go HONDURAS!!

Kartik said...

If we were comparing club resumes and player quality individually the US would have ZERO, and I mean ZERO victories or draws against Mexico in the last 15 years. Right now I'd even take the Honduran squad man for man over the US squad. Yet that's not how international football is played, based on what clubs individuals play for and how well they are playing at their clubs. If it was both Mexico and England would have a full trophy case.

Anonymous said...

Brazil is the prime example of how indivdualities matter in the international game, and they have 5 little stars to prove it