Thursday, August 7, 2008

China: what I'll be reading

Over the next couple of weeks, China and the Summer Olympics will capture the global spotlight. In our corner of the net, we'll be interested in the men's and women's football competitions but will also take some time to watch the rest of the games.

Here are three sources so far that I will be checking multiple times a day to keep up with the games as best as possible.

For traditional coverage, I'll be checking out Is it a shameless plug, considering one of my outlets is Nah. But in all seriousness... okay, the perception is there so why try and deny it. But seriously, the games haven't yet technically started and there's already quite a nice package of stories and coverage there already. And you could do worse than having Grant Wahl on staff.

For blogs and similar type coverage, one of the sites I'll be reading
is Paul Oberjuerge's blog, My former editor at The Sun, Paul is in China as a freelancer. He's covered 12 previous Olympics so this is definitely someone who has an excellent grasp of the Olympics and can put things in perspective like few can. Already, he's got quite a bit of interesting tidbits up.

And the other site I'll check out is
Mark Zeigler's blog on the San Diego Union-Tribune's web site. Like Paul, Mark has covered quite the many Olympics in his time. Mark does well to give you a feel of what it's like wherever he's at, in this case the world's most populous nation. In his first post, Mark tells us about his first impressions, which is the mass amounts of security the Chinese have stationed seemingly everywhere in Beijing.

Feel free to share any of the sites you'll be reading, particularly the foreign ones. It's always nice to get different perspectives.


Albert said...

Wqatching olypmpic soccer on is horrible.There is no sound commentary , and the live text commentaryt is garbage. Check out some of the garbage:"And for those of you wondering, my commentary is coming to you from Stamford, Connecticut. And no, I'm not here visiting the Stamford branch of Dunder-Mifflin.

"Apparently the Chinese dislike Japan more than America. They must not watch 24 in China.
It's probably also helping the Americans that it sounds like a pro-American crowd at the game."

"Seriously, an American coach might want to open a school for heading the ball in Japan. McBride could get rich. I mean more rich."

"Freddy Adu is asking the linesman what league the referee works in so he won't play there."

What kind of lame commentator did they get , its proably a SNL reject.

Toddzilla said...

You got to check out Dan Steinberg over at the D.C. Sports Bog. He's not covering soccer specifically, but the dude is hilarious.